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Chapter 1An Overview of Ethics HW1 Choose the word(s) that best complete the following sentences 1. The public _________________ of an organization strongly influences the value of its stock, how consumers regard its products and services, the degree of oversight it receives from government agencies, and the amount of support and cooperation it receives from its business partners. 2. The corporate ethics officer provides the organization with _________________ and _________________ in the area of business conduct. 3. _________________ highlights an organizations key ethical issues and identifies the overarching values and principles that are important to the organization and its decision-making process.

4. A(n) _________________ enables an organization to review how well it is meeting its ethical and social responsibility goals, and communicate new goals for the upcoming year. 5. _________________ makes employees more aware of a companys code of ethics and how to apply it, as well as demonstrates that the company intends to operate in an ethical manner. 6.

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The most important part of the decision-making process is _________________. 7. The _________________ approach to ethical decision making states that you should choose the action or policy that has the best overall consequences for all people who are directly or indirectly affected. 8. _________________ is a process for generating a number of alternative solutions to a problem. Discussion Questions There are many ethical issues about which people hold very strong opinionsabortion, gun control, and the death penalty, to name a few.

If you were a team member on a project with someone whom you knew held a different opinion from yours on one of these issues, would it effect your ability to work effectively with this person Why or why not Honestly, it depends on how things going on between me and the other person, since I dont want to judge a person especially in first sight, when I dont know her/him so much. For me, its okay to have different opinions in some ethical issues like abortion, gun control and etc. as long as she/he knows the limitation of what he/she will going to say. It doesnt affect my ability to work effectively because I understand that work is work and if you dont like your co-worker or you have misunderstanding every time you talk to each other then, that is out of the job itself. Maybe our argue will become a problem to me but instead of pressuring myself on having conflict and understanding her/him, I should probably focus on my job, with what I work.

3. Design an ethics training program for low-level employees, and describe what changes (if any) should be made to the same program to target it to middle management. Apply your answer on a company/organization or more inside Qatar Use at least five good references. Category3210A. Response to Essay Question Writing Prompts (content)Written response addresses all essay question writing prompts clearly and directly.

Written response addresses at least 2 of 3 essay writing prompts clearly and directly. Response to writing prompts is unclear or vague and/or addresses only one writing prompt in a clear, direct manner.Response lacks any comprehension of the essay question or appears to address a different essay question.

No essay response provided.B. Quality and Clarity of Thought (content and writing)Response indicates depth and complexity of thought in answering the essay question.Response indicates simplistic or repetitive thoughts in answering the essay question.Response lacks focus or demonstrates confused or conflicting thinking.

Response is unfocused, illogical or incoherent. No essay response provided.C. Organization Development of Ideas (writing)Response is well organized and developed with appropriate support to make meaning clear (well-chosen examples).

Response is organized and developed with general supporting ideas provided (reasons/general examples).Response is fairly organized and developed, presenting generalizations without adequate support.Response is disorganized and underdeveloped, providing little or no relevant support.

No essay response provided. Around 500 words (without references) YESNO Ethical program In fact, Employees need the benefit of ethical training so that they, too, can meet the standards set by the organizations policies and codes of conduct. There is a lot of reasons for ethical training like it promotes a strong public image for the organization and helps maintain quality and productivity. In addition, boosts morale and promotes teamwork.

When employees can trust one another and management, they can work together more harmoniously and effectively. Also, assists the organization to comply with laws and regulations. But remind employees that what is legal is only the bare minimum of what is ethical. To design an ethical program to low-level employees the organization should focus in many points Make it specific. Ethics programs should target specific behavior and should be reinforced by action. Case studies and clear examples of ethical breaches should be well-defined, and low-level employees should be prompted to describe how they would handle the situation. Make it a two-way conversation. Programs should include a process for asking questions and getting management to correct apparent weaknesses in procedures.

Low-level employees must be assured of confidentiality during training sessions to allow open discussions about ethical interests. Make it interactive. The most effective programs are interactive, so low-level employees can learn firsthand how to make better ethical decisions, and they often include a roadmap of the steps to follow when facing an unethical situation. Make it memorable and situational. Many companies offer online training programs with quizzes to test the employees understanding or ask employees to perform the behaviors described during training to better commit it to memory. Make it relatable. Whether through case studies or interactive presentations, participants should be provided with examples of good and bad ethical behavior along with an understanding of the impacts of such behaviors.

besides the usual ethics training programs and webinars, we wanted to implement an interactive training initiative so that employees had an opportunity to apply their understanding of ethics. Reinforce it. In a live training environment, training instructors should review and positively reinforce behaviors learned by participants through consistent messaging.

Observations from ethics training sessions should be shared with the companys management team, including any trends or concerns. Repeat it. Training program participants should experience the commitments associated with ethical behavior. This is a good test of ones personal ethics and integrity and reinforces the low-level employees ability to adhere to the companys code of conduct. Ongoing ethical training programs are critical, because ethical dilemmas are dynamic. Make it visible. The general principles in codes of conduct should be an integral part of a companys strategic planning process, with goals and metrics in place to ensure success.

Enforce the ethics hotline. While a good training program can actually prevent calls to a companys ethics hotline, the hotline should still be reinforced throughout all training initiatives. You can the same ethical training program for middle management but with more concentration in some previous points like making it interactive and by engaging the middle-level employees in more details about the company/organization. For example, Ooredoo company created same training program to their employees.

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