Chapter even when they are released back

Chapter 6 discusses, in detail, about how jails help “prepare” the rabble psychologically, culturally, and socially. When the rabble are introduced into the “jail experience” they acquire a different mentality than the rest of the general population, on the outside. They tend to be more skeptical of situations, lose trust for other people, become paranoid, tend to be more opportunistic when it comes to finding opportunities for personal gain, and a streak of defiance, towards the people of the criminal justice system, is now created within their minds.

These characteristics become second nature and carry over with these people even when they are released back into society. Now, when people end up in jail, they are introduced to the jail culture and subcultures within the system. This is hard to avoid because of the various characteristics of the tank that creates this process of social, phycological, and cultural change. Lastly, the rabble coexists with one another.

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They socialize and hang out with other rabbles and often will work with each other to survive the outside world. These relationships that are formed between the rabbles are often formed in jail.


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