CHAPTER direct current which will be stored

CHAPTER 6 SOLAR POWERED SELF-ACTIVATED WATER LEVEL SENSING AND WATER PUMPING In this chapter, schematic circuit diagram and implementation of “SOLAR POWERED SELF-ACTIVATED WATER LEVEL SENSING AND WATER PUMPING SYSTEM” is explained. Fig 6.1: Schematic Diagram of Solar Powered self-activated water level sensing and water pumping system 6.1 EXPERIMENTAL SET UP Fig 6.

2: Prototype arrangement of Solar Powered self-activated water level sensing and water pumping system6.2 WORKING PROCEDURE:After that, all the components are assembled as is illustrated in the diagram above. The embedded software design has the C code loaded into the PIC16F72. The code that wasused is shown at the appendix of the report.There is also the power pin of the motor that is connected to power. The last pin is grounded. Pins 9 and 10 are for the quartz crystal. There are various switches that control the powering of different components.

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The photovoltaic solar panels will observe the solar energy from the sun which results in the generation of direct current which will be stored in the battery. The pump will draw the required energy for its operation through inverter from the battery and will supply the water from the reservoir tank to the required and the water sensor is placed inside the water tank. During the operation water sensor sense the water level in the tank and gives the signal to the operator. This will help the operator to act accordingly to it. As per the information received, the operator can ON the system through itself.

After the required water level is achieved, the system sends the signal , based on which can OFF the system through itself.6.3Advantages: Automated water pumping system. Usage of solar energy. Provision for switching pump during nights.

Efficient design Low power consumption. Easy to install. Fast response.

Low power consumption.6.4 Disadvantages: A drastic environmental change cannot be tolerated by the equipment.

6.5 Applications: This energy can be utilized for simple house hold appliances. CHAPTER 7RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONCalculations:Load: 0.5hp = 372.85w Working hours = 2 day/hr Kwh/day = 0.

7437 kwh/day Cost = 1.586 rs.Inverter: Efficiency = 80% Input power to inverter = 372.85/(80%) = 466.0625 w 500VA rating inverter = 1 unit Cost of inverter = 2065.00rsCharge controller: 10A rating each cost = 952.68rs 466.

0625 = V*I P = V*I I = 466.0615 / 12 = 38.83A Number of units required = 38.83/10 = 3.883 = 4 Solar panel rating: 466.065*(1 kw)/1000 *(3 hr)/day = 0.93212 kwh/day Average direct normal irradiance (in anantapur) Annual avg = 5.

55 kwh/m^2/day. (3.67 hrs)/day *(20 w)/(1 pascal) *(1 kw)/1000 = 0.0734/(1 pascal) Total solar panel required area = 0.93212/0.0794 = 12.6 Cost of each panel = 1037 Total cost for panel = 13*1037 = 13351.

00Battery: Number of back up days (cloudy days) 0.9312kwh/day *3 day = 2.79636 kwh P = V*I I = 2.7936/12 = 233.03 Ah Rating of battery = 300 ah Cost of each unit = 8000 Total cost = 1*12965 = 8000 Total cost = 12965 + 13351+ 2065 = 23416.

00Electricity bill for 0.5 hp motor Output power = 37285w Efficiency of the system = 60% p_in = 372.85/0.7 p_in = 621.

416/1000 *365*2*3.5(m/kwh) = 1587.717 Rs/year Number of years required to system the investment = 23416/1587.712 = 13.7 years Total amount saving = (2-13.7)*1587.

17 = 17935.011 – luminance = 17935.021 – 2000 = 15935.01 Annually we can save 1593.5 rs/year.RESULTS: The project “SOLAR POWERED SELF-ACTIVATED WATER SENSING AND WATER PUMPING SYSTEM” was implemented in such a way that the system will continuously monitor the state of the pumping system. The framework is fit for detecting the water level in the tank and takes the intelligent choice of exchanging ON/OFF the water pump contingent upon the water level, solar energy is used to power up the water pump.

The system also provides provision for storing solar energy, which can be used during nights to ON the water pump.


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