CHAPTER able to deal with his reality. He

CHAPTER IV ANALYSISThis chapter discusses the analysis of the formal elements of a novel entitled Wonder by R.J Palacio. The analysis begins by analyzing story plots that expose the bullying experienced by the main character, Auggie Pullman, and how he overcomes it. Plot analysis includes exposition, complications, climax, falling action and the end to show details. Events occur in the story.

Furthermore, the analysis will be focus on Auggie’s characterization as the main character to show that the main character influences the theme of the novel. After explaining Auggie’s characterization, the discussion continues to analyze story settings followed by symbolism which represents the struggle of bullying that occurs in schools.4.1.

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Auggie at School The story begins with Auggie’s life at school and school activities. Auggie lives with her father, named Nate, her mother named Isabel and her brother via. August has been home schooled his whole life, and his mom wants him to take a big step in his life by attending a public school. Since Auggie has not been out of his house a lot, he is very shy, and does not have very good social skills.

His mother realizes that a deformed kid like Auggie still need to go outside and meet others to understand the life. If they keep protecting him, Auggie will not able to deal with his reality. He grew up lovingly by his family. In the house Auggie found comfort and freedom. School is the place that children will learn how to become socially literate. The homeschooled kids cannot hack it socially because they were homeschooled. By going to school, a child will learn how to deal with people who are different from them. Auggie mother believes that if August go to school, he will be able to meet new friends and make lots of friends.

Because of all his medical problems, ten-year-old Auggie is always educated at home. Now that he is more medically stable, his parents want him to start school. He likes the idea of school and learning cool things, but he really is afraid of being the child everyone sees. I still kept my head down, only seeing enough from under my bangs to see everyone’s feet. When the table was full, I noticed that no one was sitting next to me. Several times someone will sit next to me, then change his mind at the last minute and sit somewhere else. (25) In fact Auggie’s friends at school see Auggie like a strange human and look creepy.I felt everyone’s eyes burn on my back for a few seconds I stood in front of the class, and everyone looked down as I walked back to my desk.

I refused to play the combination when I sat down, even though everyone did it, because he specifically told us not to do it. (27) From the statement above Auggie felt she looked very different from the appearance because it made all the friends in the class feel weird with Auggie’s face. Shortly thereafter his teacher named Ms. Petosa asked students questions. And without a long time Julian will ask Auggie the word julian, raising his hand. “Why do you have a small braid in the back of your hair? Is that like on thewan? “Auggie just nodded. This is from Star Wars Answer Julian.

“A person who is a jedi disciple is a darth sidious face who was burned by Sith Lightning and became completely transformed. His skin became wrinkled and his whole face melted “(30)For Auggie that is an allusion to him. Se arrived at Auggie’s house, cutting a small braid on the back of his head. Auggie was so upset that she blamed her mother for telling Auggie to go to school.

The bell had sounded the time to break school hours all the children from all five grades entered the cafeteria at the same time, talked loudly and crashed into each other and as they ran to a different table. One of the teacher’s lunches said something about no seating was allowed, but Auggie did not know what he meant and maybe no one else was doing it, because almost everyone kept a chair for their friends. Auggie tried to find a friend by trying to sit on one of the empty tables, but the child said this seat belonged to someone else (33). Without thinking long Auggie found an empty table and waited for everyone to sit with him. But Auggie felt many were paying attention to auggie’s way of eating. “I could tell I was staring without looking up.

I know that people are nudging each other, watching me from the corners of their eyes. I think I’m used to that look now, but I don’t think so. There is one female table that I know whispers about me because they talk behind their hands.

Their eyes and whispers continue to bounce at me. “(34)From that question that Auggie was very worried because everyone in the canteen saw auggie and noticed how the augggie finished her food especially Auggie just sat alone. He really hates himself because it really looks weird.

And even when Auggie was reminded of her past at her friend’s birthday party there was one of the children who told her mother she didn’t want to sit near Auggie because Auggie looked messy when chewing food not surprised to see auggie like that because auggie had surgery jaw splicing a few years ago. Although Auggie gets bullying by some students, there are several students stood for him. They are Summer and Charlotte. Summer is the most reliable friend Auggie has and no matter how cruel other kids at him, Summer is always there to calm Auggie with her kindness and maturity. The maturity of Summer can be seen into dialogue above,The Summer Table”Hey, is this seat taken?”I looked up, and a girl I never saw before was standing across from my table with a lunch tray full of food.”Uh, no,” I said.She put her lunch tray on the table, plopped her backpack on the floor, and sat down across from me.

She started to eat the mac and cheese on her plate.”Ugh,” she said after the swallowing the first bite. “I should have brought a sandwich like you did.””Yeah,” I said, nodding.

“My name is Summer, by the way. What’s yours?”


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