Charlemagne Pepin as the king because of

Charlemagne or Charlemagne the Great is a ruler (714-814 CE) who ruled the Franks.He rose to power in 768 CE. His father, Pepin the Short had worked hard to overthrown the last Merovingian leaders. When Clovis I died, the Merovingian leaders became more and more irresponsible, which eventually came to the point when they did nothing. The Pope granted Pepin as the king because of Pepin’s father, Charles Martel, defeated a Muslim army who was going to take over Europe 732 CE. Charlemagne was a different leader, unlike other Germanic leaders, he cared less of the rich, and gave attention and help to the poor. When the empire got handed to him, it was in a pretty bad condition.

He wanted to rebuild the empire with his intelligence and power.In my opinion, he is perfect for the title “the Great”. He valued education very much and he wants to provide everyone with an education. He did a lot of work to make it happen.He sponsored a monastery that preserved and copied ancient books. He reformed the palace school and ensured that a convent school was established throughout the field.

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The idea of learning gave time and place to flourish. That shows how committed he is to his people. Charlemagne made sure everything was equal for people. He never neglects the poor and provided many benefits to them, he didn’t praise the rich because of their wealth. Charlemagne wanted to bring back the old Roman ways of laws, art, standardization, and hygiene.

When the Dark Ages, when the barbaric people invaded the Roman society. Everything was a mess, people were fighting, and learning barely survived.


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