Charles Charles Chaplin, and an older half-brother, Sydney

Charles Spencer Chaplin, born on April 16th, 1889 in London, England. Charlie’s family consisted of his mother, Hannah Harriet Pedlingham, his father, Charles Chaplin, and an older half-brother, Sydney Chaplin. Both his parents were both music hall performers who separated shortly after his birth. Soon after her divorce, Hannah then tried to bring her stage career back to life. Although she succeeded, her singing voice was coming to an end.

During one of her stage performances, Hannah lost her voice in the middle of the show and that’s when the production manager pushed the five years old Chaplin to replace her. Chaplin lit the stage and amused the audience with his performance. Few years later Hannah was sent to an asylum and that’s when Charlie’s rough life started. The young Chaplin lived his childhood in poverty, moving in and out charity and workhouses he also lived alone for days looking for food and a safe sleep until his older brother returned back from the navy, that’s when Charlie officially started his respectable career. When Charlie was eight, through the connections of his father, he joined the Eight Lancashire Lads (doing clog dancing), they toured nearly all music halls in England. Despite the fact that their acts were very well-known and Charlie worked hard, he never neglected his ultimate goal to become a comedian. When Charlie was fourteen he decided to quit education and signed up with a theatrical agency in London, and there his manager knew his potentials and nominated him to be part of Sherlock Holmes the play in 1899.

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At the same time, Syd Chaplin joined the influential Fred Karno and managed to organize a two-week probation for his brother. Charlie quickly signed his contract and begun playing minor scenes until he was given a major role in a new sketch. Chaplin’s fame started and gained media’s attention.


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