Chatterjee, data availability cause the threats to

Chatterjee, K. & Singh, A. (2017). Cloud security issues and challenges: a survey.

Journal of network and computer applications, vol.79, pp. 88-115.Cloud computing provides a central remote server to users to store their data that they can access from different computers and other devices. The various security issues and challenges occur to the cloud services when users and institutions access different computing processes. However, the direct or indirect attacks sometimes effect the cloud system. Moreover, the adoption of new technologies by cloud causes some security issues that relates to cloud communication, data privacy web services and applications.

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The group of technologies, policies and controls are used to protect the cloud data and services. The problem is that the users sometimes lose their data when they access the cloud. The thesis of this research is that the third-party security attacks and privacy concern issues occur when user access the cloud services.In their article ‘Cloud security issues and challenges: a survey’ Chatterjee and Singh demonstrate that various security issues occur when users store data on cloud (2011, p.

99). The management of cloud operations such as storage and data availability cause the threats to cloud data. Moreover, the researchers observed the different security issues namely architectural security issues, communication security issues, and legal and compliance security issues (2011, p.90).

Each security issue further divides according to the cloud computing layers. The security issues connected with web services, authentication and authorization, accountability and availability problems are also analysed by researchers. Apart from this, the solution of each security issue also provides by the researchers to provide the proper conception of secure cloud environment.The study found that the new attacks occur as new technologies are appearing with cloud Computing (p. 97).

When user send a request to access the cloud services then the cloud system provide these services to requested users. May be the new allocated resources already assigned to other user who requested at the same time. The attacker creates spiteful image of assigned resources and serve these resources as cloud service. Moreover, when users access the port scanning to confirm open, closed and filtered part of the system like IT and MAC addresses then attackers use the open ports to attack on these services.

Apart from this, the attacker sometimes active in the middle when two parties passing data and there is a lack of security configuration. Furthermore, sometimes the failure occurs in hardware attack on the availability of cloud services and data. Therefore, the access of users to new technologies and services sometimes give a chance to attackers for unauthorised access.The study found that the security issues occur when some destruction, defect, assert attacks, disorganization and deficiency occur in cloud system. The authors show that the confidentiality and integrity of data is difficult to maintain hence, the cloud loses the control of stored data (p.99).

To exemplify, Google and Amazon are storing their data on different location which thereby threaten the security of data. The results of this research tend to support the thesis that the loses of data occur when it stores on cloud data server. Furthermore, to maintain the storage space on the cloud the unused data removed from cloud but sometimes the essential information has been destroyed. Moreover, when user requests for same cloud resources that are already hold by another user the data recovery face difficulty as another user already hold those resources. These findings coupled with the conclusion that unauthorized access and data tempering may be demolishing the important information from cloud.

To sum up, the research document in this paper shows the evidence of losing data from cloud storage due to the security threats and organizational problems in cloud system. The cloud customers must have aware about security threats occur during data storage, data backup and data recovery. Despite, the cloud provides better storage to huge amount of data, the security attacks threaten the data in different ways.In conclusion, the study provides that the virtualized, shared, distributed and public behaviour of cloud causes the security threats to cloud data. Moreover, it shows that lack of cloud operations management and data availability sometimes cause the problems for stored data. Apart from this, the defects in data occur when the resource allocation provides on the demand of two users at the same time. Hence, the security attacks take place when the user perform various actions on cloud.

ReferenceChatterjee, K. & Singh, A. (2017).

Cloud security issues and challenges: a survey. Journal of network and computer applications, vol.79, pp. 88-115.


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