Chemical reactions are one of the most greatest

Chemical reactions are one of the most greatest and most essential types of events that happen on earth. Chemical reaction are reactions that contains rearrangements of the molecular or iconic structure of an element. It is a method that transforms two or more chemicals sets into a new form of chemical or other types of substances such as petrol into gas.

As said before chemical reactions are very important for life on earth because they are the basis of all living things on earth. This is because almost 90% things occur or are happening via chemical reactions in our environment. For example your body organs are full of chemical reactions that happen all the time until we die. It is a process that keeps human body alive. A simple example is breathing. When we breath, we take in oxygen when we inhale which gets transformed into carbon dioxide when exhaling through chemical reaction.

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In order for a chemical reaction to occur, two or more substances have to collide with the right method and satisfactory force for a chemical reaction to happen. However, not all collisions produce reactions, this is because the atoms must be able to rearrange to form new substances. For the process of chemical reactions, chemical equation is used as symbols for representing the chemicals in a chemical reaction. Where the reactant substances are on the left-hand side and the product substances are on the right-hand side.

There are many types of chemical reactions that occur in our everyday life and in our environment which are the followings below:
? Combination: Also known as a synthesis reaction where two or more substances, the reactants combine together to produce a single compound the product.

? Single displacement: Is a type of chemical reaction where a substance reacts with a mixture and takes the place of another substance in that mixture.

? Decomposition: Are reactions that contains breaking down a compound into smaller compounds. These reactions frequently involve in energy in the form of electricity, heat or light to dissolve the compounds.

? Combustion: Are most commonly used chemical reaction which is also referred to burning. It occurs when a hydrocarbon reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water as well as heat.

? Double displacement: Are reaction that one component of both the reacting molecules is exchanged to form the products. While this reaction, the cations and anions of two different compounds convert places, forming two completely different compounds.

? Theses reaction are the most common types of chemical reactions.

As said before chemical reactions are used everywhere including the industry.
Chemical reactions are used in many various ways in the industry such as the following below:

Food production: Chemical reaction has a major role in producing food in the industry at factories and other stores that sells food such as chips, cookies, coffees, cakes and many more. These foods are produced through chemical reactions. For example, when baking a cake, flour as well as other types of ingredients are used and combined together to create a dough. The dough then becomes a cake after baking or hearing it in the oven. The whole process of dough transforming into cake is through chemical reaction.

Healthcare: Hospitals use many and different types of chemicals in order to create medicines, drugs and other cures for patients through chemical reaction. They also use chemicals to protect other chemicals or substances form getting ruined. An example is when liquid Nitrogen (N2) is used to freeze the blood and tissue samples as well as in cryosurgery to destroy tissue such as moles.

Industrial product: Chemical reactions are also used in products that we use every day such as detergents, house hold cleaner, insecticides, paints and many more. For example, when mixing blue and red colour of paints, it then produces an new colour which is a purple coloured paint through chemical change.

Water: Chemical reaction also plays a very significant role in water. This is because a chemical such as Chlorine (CL2) is collide with water to remove waterborne pathogens during water purification in water treatment and to kill bacteria in swimming pools where sodium hypochlorite is produced from when chlorine is used.

Chemical reaction are also used in the environment such as in acid rain and photosynthesis.
Acid rain is caused by chemical reaction, as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air, which then mix and react with water, oxygen and other chemicals that forms acidic pollutants that is known as acid rain.

Although chemical reactions are used everywhere in our daily life including the environment and the industries, chemical reaction has many advantages as well as disadvantages.
The advantages include:
? Fire is the most important and sufficient discovery made by humans that changed the way we live and eat food as well us keeping our selves warm.

? Without chemical reaction no living organism would be able to live, because our bodies are full chemical reaction and it’s the help of chemical reaction that our bodies are able to digest and move.

? Chemical reaction helps us to explore and understand more about our world and universe. It is also used to solve mysteries and identify unknown specimen or to predict how types of matter might react with each other.

? With the help of chemical reaction we are able to understand and explore how the natural world works.

? By observing chemical reactions in outer space, scientist and us are able to identify and describe other planets, which we can even determine which planets and moons are like to be sustainable of living.

The disadvantages in chemical reactions include:
? Chemical reaction can produce harmful waste to the environment and other living organisms such as pollution.

? Chemical reactions can also be used as deadly weapons such as acid gases and poisons.

? Chemical reaction can also be very expensive such as the use of water for electricity.


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