Child child, there are legislations and guidelines

Child protection is at the heart of the safeguarding process, its focuses on protecting children who have been identified as suffering from harm or concerns have been made that harm to the child could potentially happen. All professionals should be informed on child protection procedures which details how to respond to concerns about a child, there are legislations and guidelines in place that will set expectations on how to do this and how to report their suspicions to the local authorities furthermore if working with children and families the organisation in which they work should have procedures in place to report their concerns and all school must have a designated child protection teacher. The person reporting any concerns they may have doesn’t have to be a professional anyone who may have concerns can report directly to the local authorities, local child safeguarding board or alternatively the NSPCC have a direct helpline and also childline provide a service to seek confidential advice, we are all responsible for reporting concerns about a child’s welfare and to protect and care for children and young people including their parent/carers who if fail to do so the child could potentially be removed from the home and placed in temporary care while a child protection investigation takes place. Support is given in all child protection cases for children, parents/carers and staff who work with the child


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