Child can result in death. Many children refuse

Child abuse is a problem that is rapidly growing and affecting children, adolescents and adults in the United States.  According to Child Health ” Every year more than 3.6 millions referral are made to Child Protection Agency”.  It was recorded that the United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nation in child abuse.  Children and adolescents are facing serious threats to their well being and their health. Children, adolescents and adults are not only being neglected but also facing many psychological disorders.

Child abuse does not only come with physiological disorder, but it comes with the  trauma.  Also mental disorder is  include and flashbacks. Children who are facing child abuse are more prone to experience mental health disorder including, depression, suicide attempts, smoking and drinking at an early age, and some make poor decisions. Children from all around the world are facing non-accidental harming, beatings, burnings, breaking bones, and verbal abuse. Child abuse in some cases escalade and can result in death. Many children refuse to address their cases because they are frightened of what might to happen to them.             The book Forged by fire is relevant to child abuse in many ways because not only is gerald facing child abuse but at one point in his life he was facing child endangerment and neglect. Gerald was a three year old child that came accros child neglect and abuse at early age by his mother and  as he got older he faced physical abuse by his step father.

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A few years later his mother was arrested and he went into the care of his aunt who later died. Gerald was not the only one facing child abuse in his family. His younger sister was being sexsuly abuse by a man who says he’s her daddy.           Child abuse relates to the book forged by fire. Children all around the world are going through the same thing angel and gerald were. Gerald found help unlike many children who are afraid. You don’t have to be afraid you are not the only one.Gerald and angel were able to move on with there life and so can many children.

          Children of any age from any family from any community may be a victim of child abuse or neglect as we speak.People of any age or gender should know that they are not alone. They need to know that they can make it out and live a happy life. If you can do it anyone can do it be your own hero.


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