Chocolate ingredient in other sweet foods. Chocolate itself

Chocolate is a food that is made from cacao beans and is eaten as candy, some used it as a flavoring ingredient in other sweet foods.

Chocolate itself doesn’t contain probiotics, but it was found to be a very effective carrier for probiotics. Dark chocolate is fully enriched with nutrients that can probably affect human’s health (Gunnars et al., 2017). Consuming about 1 to 2 ounces daily could impact major health benefits. Gunderson (2015) pointed out that flavanols assist arteries to decompress, enhance blood flow and blood clots as well. In fact, dark chocolate can amend brain function, identical enhancements on the mood make up energetic arousal and cognitive purpose were found for powdered cocoa. Nevertheless, both dark and milk chocolate advanced cognitive function (Smith et al.

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, 2004). According to my research, in the year 2009, a study was issued in Southern Medical Journal examined the effects of the said food product to 28 individuals. Thereafter, the researchers found out that eating dark chocolate within just one week will enhance lipid profiles and help lower platelet reactivity and decreased inflammation only in women (Hamed et al., 2008). Moreover, chocolate help lowers the risk of some illness including heart disease, heart attack, heart failure and fight against bad cholesterol. Thus, it is important to remember that before buying these food product, make sure to check that it is made with 70% cacao.

The more the cocoa content, the more the benefits you will have.


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