Cholesterol-lowering intervention. Synthetic drugs like statins, which

Cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) and antioxidant synthetic (probucol) are widely used to treat atherosclerosis. Unfortunately, these drugs have various side-effects (Lankin et al., 2003). Hence for treatments of atherosclerosis much attention has been concentrate on the use of herbal as substances with the fewest side-effects (Cooke, 1998). Logical strategy to prevent atherosclerosis and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events is to target hyperlipidemia either by drugs or dietary intervention. Synthetic drugs like statins, which reduce the levels of lipids and cholesterol possesses potentially toxic side effects. Viable alternatives to the synthetic drugs are natural products with high lipid lowering potential with lower or no side effects. Earlier studies also reveal that the consumption of medicinal plants will reduce the risk of hyperlipidaemia (Jahnavi et al., 2014).


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