Choosing over from schools’ activity in helping

Choosing a place for living is imperative thing for self-development.

Everything surrounding, such as people, environment and social media, is the enormous factor which contribute to our daily lifestyle, and many people are more likely to live in city than countryside. While both places exist their own uniqueness, there are also some important differences. In Cambodia, many standard schools or universities are gathered in city.

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Many schools in the city, normally have many various equipment for conducting the research school extracurricular activities to student for communication with other students. In addition, in city student can enjoy their leisure time in library or school club after finishing course in class, while schools in countryside is still traditional material, and after school, most of the students come back home, and help doing some staffs for their family. As we move firmly to the modern life, everyone has to improve and improve own ability which is obvious that city is best choice. Many school in city are made up with the standard system. Schools in city often have a lot of study or charity trip to some places, which give student with the broad knowledge over from schools’ activity in helping people in society.

In contrast, school in countryside do not consider other programs instead of old activity which does exist long time ago. The crucial thing that living city differ from countryside is job opportunities. In city, there many companies and businesses where you hold higher chance in looking for job fit to your criteria and getting better salary as well. However, in countryside, the odd of getting job is too narrow and really challenging with others since some places at there, is not good for running a new business. In short, in living the city is reasonable for living to whom want to improve themselves in the modern word.

In my opinion, people they have their own purpose or favoritism in choosing their own live. So, how about you? Which life do you prefer, city or countryside?


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