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Choosing a vocation is an explicit statement about the kind of person you are or hope to be. Professional satisfaction will depend on the extent to which you can use your abilities in a productive manner. Your work should be consistent with your values and interests and the roles you fulfill in society. Choosing radiologic technology is an exploration (LaVerne Tolley Gurley & William J. Callaway, 2011) facing a number of academic challenges in college, including finding time to study, understanding course content and maintaining a high degree of self-confidence and motivation. While meeting these challenges, students often strive to balance academic demands with personal responsibility and social experiences.

Some problems vary during their school years. It could be as simple as missing homework or getting late in class, or it could be as terrible as getting dropped in a certain subject or worse failed the subject (Kokemuller 2007). Various of these problems occurs which results for a student to have irregular status in school. Irregular students are those who have enrolled subjects that are different from regular students. They tend to have a different class schedule compared to regular students.This could mean that they have to cope-up with the time and classmates they would encounter in every class which could give more peer pressure for them.

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It is not easy for irregular students to have a very complicated class schedule just to enroll subjects they need and to be with different type of people in every class. For some students, it would be difficult to approach new faces in every class and it would be tiring to a have a busy class schedule with hardly any vacant time in between class period. So if you have limited motivation, if you don’t have clear goals and an understanding of why you want to complete a class or your chosen course your motivation is lacking. Unmotivated students are less inclined to stay up late to study or to turn away from social pulls to get schoolwork done. Additionally, struggling students who lack motivation may quickly develop a feeling of helplessness once they experience failure on a paper, test or project.Humans are complex animals, living complex lives in which they are not always able to cope with the difficulties that they encounter.

As a result, they are subject to feelings of tension and stress, for example the cognitive dissonance and potential shame of doing something outside their values. To handle this discomfort they use various coping methods. Those coping methods are called coping mechanism which is scientifically defined as the sum of cognitive and behavioral efforts, which are constantly changing, that aim to handle particular demands, whether internal or external, that are viewed as taxing or demanding. They are brought about by a person’s conscious mind but it doesn’t mean that all of them bring about positive coping, there are some types of coping mechanisms which are maladaptive (Sincero, 2012).


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