Christmas or have very vague ideas about them.

Christmas is one of the most significant religious holidays, the tradition of celebrating which goes back centuries. But many of our contemporaries who grew up in atheistic times, the traditions associated with this holiday, either do not know at all, or have very vague ideas about them. But until 1917 it was one of the most popular holidays in the people.* * *In the West, Christmas certainly dominates the New Year and is perhaps the most important holiday of the year. In December, the heads of Europeans and Americans are preoccupied with only pre-holiday sales. In the shops there is a fuss.

The cities are illuminated by bright lights of shop windows, decorated with smart Christmas trees and illumination.* * *Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere , so Christmas falls at the height of summer. And since the heat is on the street, nobody wants to sit in front of the TV, and people are rushing to the beach.* * *The Alexandrian theologians proposed to celebrate Christmas on May 26 in 200 BC. This case is the first in history.* * *Colonists in North America at first did not pay Christmas, believing that this holiday is contrary to the spirit and letter of the Holy Scripture.* * *On Christmas Day among the population of France it is customary to go to church and watch the staged presentation of the Nativity of Christ.

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In the churches there are nurseries, livestock, and at midnight appears and baby.* * *Christmas in France is celebrated as a family holiday.* * *In the US, about 3 million Christmas cards are sent out annually.* * *The Catholic Church still adheres to the date of the holiday: December 25, the date of the holiday for the Orthodox: January 7, although there is no evidence that Jesus was born on December 25 or January 7. The exact date of birth of Jesus Christ in the Bible is not mentioned.

* * *Mention of the celebration of Christmas , generally as a separate holiday for the first Christians, you will not find. It is well known and has sufficient documentary evidence that the early Church did not celebrate Christmas.* * *Some believers put 12 dishes on the Christmas table – strictly according to the number of apostles. In the old days, among the treats were necessarily pancakes, fish and sbiten.* * *The first Christmas greeting card was made by the British Henry Cole in 1843. Judging by the relatively recent statistics, more than 3.5 million postcards are sent every year in the United States on Christmas Eve.


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