Cigarettes as a stimulant in small doses,

Cigarettesis the deadliest object in the history of human civilization. It kills about 6million people every year. Cigarette smoking is known to kill about half of thesmokers, reducing their life spans by about 14 years on the average and killing6 million people worldwide every year. Smoking Cigarettes could make a billionpeople perish in our century.

Cigarettes contain about 7000 ingredientsincluding nicotine which is very addictive and almost 70 of those ingredientsare carcinogenic. Onereason to ban production and sale cigarettes is that it has no medical value.Research and science say it use is the major cause of cancer and other problemssuch as heart disease , diabetes, emphysema, birth defects among women whosmoked during pregnancy, chronic bronchitis and others. Some people even spenttheir entire life without any of these, but a bad cough. Cigarette smoking can cause many serious health problemssuch as respiratory difficulties. Smoking does great harm to the lungs andheart, smokers can get chronic coughing and asthma.

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Moreover, cigarettes havecarcinogens that can cause an extremely serious disease like a lung cancer,mouth cancer and throat cancer. Furthermore, smoking may be the reason tocirculatory system problems. Cigarettes are also known to cause frequent fireoutbreaks in homes.Cigarette smoking is quite unhealthy. Cigarette is very addictive.

Its main chemical is nicotine. It acts as a stimulant in small doses, but inlarger amounts, it blocks the action of autonomic nerve and skeletal musclecells. It kills half its long-term users. It is so addictive that seasoned smokers cannot go without it even forfew hours and withdrawal symptoms are quite intense. Repercussion for its use,possession, production and sale should result in dire penalties like extremefines, jail time and criminal proceedings. Cigarette smokers often begin smoking in their adolescent yearsruining their entire life.

In their teenage, they would be just too immature toconsider their future and its negative consequences. If the production and saleof cigarettes were to be made illegal, fewer teens would be seeking cigarettes,and less people would begin smoking this addictive, unhealthy substance in thefirst place. This will be a right message that cigarettes is something we do notneed and this notion pertains especially to adolescents, who aren’t ready tothink about their long-term health, their futures as grandparents, fathers andspouses. Animportant reason for abolition is that smokers themselves dislike the fact theysmoke and wish they could quit. Smokingis not a recreational drug and abolishing cigarettes would therefore enlargerather than restrict human liberties.

 Smoking is so disgusting. On top of that, it turns your teeth,tongue and smoking fingertips the nasty, yellowish color of the nicotine. Evenworse – a smoker’s clothes and hair always have the foul odor of stalecigarettes. Another health issue is from passive smoking, it produces adversehealth effect in individuals like increased risk of a range of tobacco-relateddiseases, including lung cancer, heart disease and stroke. Secondhand smoke ismost harmful to young children, especially those with asthma or otherrespiratory diseases.

  Apart from humansufferings, abolishing sale of cigarettes would result in savings in the realmof healthcare costs, increased labour productivity, lessened harms from thefires, reduced consumption of scarce physical resources and a smaller globalcarbon footprint. Cigarettes are alsosignificant cause of harm to the natural environment. Cigarette manufacturingconsumes scarce resources in growing, curing, rolling, flavouring, packaging,transport, advertising and legal defense. It also causes harms from massivepesticide use and deforestation. It is also a defective product, a financialburden on cash strapped societies, an important source of political andscientific corruption and a cause global warming.

 Considering all of abovereasons, smoking cigarette kills an unacceptable number of people every yearand its production and sale should be made illegal. It will save a lot ofpremature deaths and potential life-long health hazards.


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