Classical hypervigilance, etc., this response is the

Classical conditioning involves learning through associations. Basically, two stimuli are brought together to elicit a new response or behavior. Ultimately prior responses or lack thereof once changed by an uncontrolled factor will result in a change in response. Classical conditioning occurs as a neutral stimulus is combined with an unconditioned stimulus, that alters the perception of a once neutral reaction to one evoking a changed conditioned reaction. An example of classical conditioning is introduced through a neutral stimulus such as a person walking down a street where nothing bad has ever happened to said person.

Then one day, someone mugs the person, this is known as the unconditioned stimulus. The fright brought about after the mugging would be considered the unconditioned response. After that day, each time a person walks pass that same street which has now become a conditioned stimulus, the person begins to experience fight or flight type reactions such as body tensing up, increased heart rate, hypervigilance, etc., this response is the conditioned response seeing as how the person will now correlate the street with the fear of the mugging.

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