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Claudia Hernandez Psychology 47 Los Angeles Mission College Professor Emily BillOctober 3, 2018 Child ObservationI observed a five-year-old boy today that weighs about 40 pounds, and is about 38 inches in height. The child lives at home with both of his parents, his grandmother, and one older brother. The child was at the park today accompanied by his father while he played in the playground. The father consented for the child to be observed, and I explained that I would not be using the child’s name in the assignment. I also explain that my observation was not from a professional’s perspective but rather from a learning student perspective completing an assignment. The father granted consent for the child to be observed with no questions or concerns. The child seems to have adequate physical development has strong muscles for his age, has great balance, and is good with trying to use his upper body core muscles and strength. When observing the child, I noticed he is very good at climbing up the steps in the playground.

He also has enough leg strength to be able to climb up a slide to them slide down. He also tried using the monkey bars, which he had good upper body strength was able to get to about the fifth bar before falling on the sand but getting right back up to continue playing. He them moves on to getting a basketball which he can grip well with his hand. Although the rim was too high for him he was determined to score a basket using his legs and upper body muscle to try and shoot the ball up toward the basket. After some time, the child moved back to the playground to get on a swing. He was able to pull himself up and swing himself enough on the swing to were he could use most of his muscles.

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Overall, I think that for his age and size the child is very well developed as far as his small and large muscle and they are adequately. He is very active has a lot of energy and was not easy to get tired. He has developed great eye and hand coordination. The child’s cognitive development was impressive.

He was always polite to his father always used the words please and thank you. When speaking to other children was expressive, and descriptive. When troubled to do a task on his own was vocal with the father and would ask for assistance.

The child’s shoe became untied the child came to the father and said “daddy please tie my shoe” the child was able to identify that one shoe was untied and was able to use proper grammar. I would occasional hear him using partial or incomplete sentences mostly although was also able to use complete sentences. The child was able to describe other children in the playground by describing their appearance and color of clothing attire. The child knew his boundaries and was able to stay within those boundaries to have good adult supervision. The child was also very good at pretend play when playing with other children. Has a great imagination and is very descriptive. When describing to the father what they were role playing he was able to identify that they were playing super heroes, that he was superman and pretended to wear a cape.

The child’s social development is adequate for his age he plays well with other children. However, I noticed he prefers to play with children slightly older than him. He seems to be a follower trying to do things the other children do on the playground specially the older children.

He was able to fit in with a group of boys, he preferred playing with children of his same gender, although was also able to play well with girls. Over all he seems to be a very happy and outgoing child. He and a group of kids wanted to play basketball while playing basketball he was very competitive. How ever he did not cry or get upset if he did not score or when he lost to other children. He showed excitement when he accomplished scoring a basket and did not give up until he was able to do so.

The child was understanding and did not get upset when his father told him it was time to leave. The child comes from a Hispanic background were both parents are involved in his life. It is clearly seen that the child’s house hold is filled with love and care. However, I did notice that the child is only spoken to in English, and was not once spoken to in Spanish. Which seems to be a big part of today’s Hispanic culture.

Mostly for the children born in the united states. A large population of the children only speaks English. He comes from very family-oriented background.

The child was not selective with other children as far as only playing with children that had his same cultural values or skin color. Which shows that the child is being thought to be open minded to people of other race, color, and ethnic groups. My conclusion from this observation was that the child has good motor skill development, although has some more development to continue doing. He also had some fine motor skills although they were not as developed and his motor skills. The child psychosocial development seems to be developing well, the child is able to distinguish gender, and clearly was interested in fitting in with a group of boys.

He showed that he cared how the group of boys viewed him so he could try and fit in. The child seemed to come from an individualistic middle-class house hold, with authoritative teachings the father was caring with the child but also strict when needed to be. As far as his vocabulary it is still underdeveloped but showed good development considering he is only five he still falls under the fast mapping category for his vocabulary development. He was considerably a very smart, happy, child that still has many development’s ahead of him but he’s not far behind for someone of his age.


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