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Clinical nurse specialist is an advanced practice nurse who holds a master’s degree or doctorate in nursing, they are experts in a specialized field such as pediatrics and provide direct care and expert consultations.

Not too long ago the American Nurses Credentialing Center proposed retiring the pediatrics CNS certification option, as a result schools will not continue educational programs if graduates will be denied certification and practice opportunities, which could lead to a major impact on CNSs’ ability to meet the public need for pediatric nursing services (Horner & Fulton, 2015, p.193). According to (Horner & Fulton, 2015, p.193) with 26% of the world’s population being younger than 15 years, and infant mortality rate of 38%, the public is in dire need of nurses.

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Horner and Fulton (2015) found that “among school-aged children in the US, the most common chronic condition is obesity, however in low- or middle-income countries the problem children are facing is malnutrition” (p.193). Unlike developed countries such as the US where obesity is a problem, low income countries don’t have the resources and aid to be suffering from problems such as obesity.

Of course, organizations such as The World Health Organization put forth efforts to improve nutritional status of children by integrating feeding programs, community agricultural initiatives as well as collaborating with local governments and international organizations to prevent infectious diseases (Horner & Fulton, 2015, p.193). There is a need for more recognition for pediatric CNS programs to maintain and expand them. According to Horner & Fulton (2015) “nursing needs a cadre of expert pediatric nurses prepared at the advanced level and the pediatric CNS is a role that can provide leadership for children’s health” (p.194). The role of a pediatric CNS is one that deserves support and recognition and whose certification should continue to grow and not be limited, children all over the world deserve advanced level care that a CNS would provide and that option should not be eliminated.

Health problems need the attention of health care professionals who have the skill set to treat and diagnose a wide variety of diseases, such is the role of a CNS.


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