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Cloudis not a new concept. We have been using cloud computing for ages for one orthe other purposes. In simple words, we can say cloud to be a very large serveron which different services and data are stored, managed and processed. Tostore, manage or handle cloud would not cost lot of money. In our paper, westore patient’s health record which is cost effective. Health records areessential to every patient and medical experts as well.

Butthe problem with storing data in cloud is security. i.e. utilizing passwordsystem is, it is not secured, forgotten and facilely purloined. Hackers canable to trace the password through keystroke loggers and spyware.Inour paper, we are trying to propose a multimodal approach for providing securityto cloud whose features include:1.      Useof secured multimodal biometricsecurity on healthcare accessibility using the cloud technology.2.

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      Facerecognition and fingerprint are used as a key for both data encryption anddecryption in Multimodal biometric based blowfish algorithm. 3.     Security is animportant factor in this technology so that information especially importantinformation cannot be accessed by anybody unless you have been granted accessby the system through registration. IntroductionCloudcomputing is an information technology (IT) paradigm that enables ubiquitousaccess to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-levelservices that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort, oftenover the Internet. Grid computing was the first step towards allowing consumersto obtain computing power on demand. Cloud is basically the practice of using anetwork of remote servers hosted on to the internet to store, manage andprocess data rather than a local server or a PC.

So, it means one can accesscloud from any remote location of the world. Usage of cloud is cost effectivefor its users as they can use cloud services without having to physically establishIT infrastructure themselves.Inmodern years, personal health record (PHR) has been developed as apatient-centric model for health information exchange. An Electronic HealthRecord (EHR) 1 is an electronic version of a patient’s medical records, whichis maintained by the health care provider over time, and may include all of theperson’s medical data and medical records under a particular provider.

The EHRcan improve patient care by reducing the incidence of medical error byimproving the accuracy and clarity of medical records. By storing EHR in acloud environment, the EHR’s of a patient maintained by different health careproviders can be consolidated and the health information or medical history ofthe patient can be made available anytime. It also reduces the duplication oftests, thereby reducing delays in treatment, and patients can be pre-informedto take better decisions. It is cost effective as healthcare providers need notconstruct dedicated infrastructure to store data. But, since it can be accessedfrom any geographical locations, providing security and privacy to the EHRs isthe biggest challenge faced. Many researches have been done in this regard toprovide security and/or privacy to the EHR. One personalized approach that wasproposed was the use of biometrics to provide security. Biometrics are distinctive,measurable characteristics which can be used for recognizing a person likefingerprint, face, voice etc.

Atpresent, unimodal biometric authentication like fingerprint recognition is usedto securely identify and provide access of EHR to patients and healthcareproviders. This approach poses the probability of confidentiality or privacy ofEHR being lost, as within a large population, unimodal biometrics is prone tointer-class similarities like the biometrics can be stolen easily without theknowledge of the owner and spoofed using rubber prints or due to the possibilityof false acceptance. In this paper, we propose to use multi-modal biometrics toprovide security for healthcare records in the cloud and overcome the disadvantagesmentioned. 


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