Cloud from servers and storage to enterprise

Cloud communications is the mix char of multiple communication modalities. These cover methods such as voice, email, chat and video, in an integrated fashion to trim or eliminate communication lag. Cloud communications is originally internet-based communication. The technology has taken the world to a new level and has made it into a global village. Internet has reduced the distances to an extent that people in the different country of the world can now see and talk with each other through Cloud communications. This internet based communication application combined the different communication modalities like voice, video, email, and chat to reduce communication lag.
This has originated with the introduction of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). A branch of cloud communication is cloud telephony, which refers specifically to voice communications.
The storage, applications and switching are directed and hosted by a third party through the cloud. Cloud services are a broader aspect of cloud communication. These services act as the primary data center for enterprises, and cloud communications is one of the services offered by cloud service providers. Simply we can say, cloud communications provides a variety of communication resources, from servers and storage to enterprise applications such as data security, email Backup and data recovery, and voice, which are all delivered over the internet. The cloud provides a hosting environment that is elastic,critical , scalable, secure and readily available.
Cloud communications providers provide communication services through servers owned and maintained by them. These services are then pervade by the user, through the cloud. The users can just pay for the services used by them. The service providers also offer disparate communication resources from the storage and the servers to enterprise applications like email, data recovery, backup, voice, and security. The present status provided by the cloud is easily available, adaptable, flexible, prompt, and secure.

Some of the application and communication issues that can be used by an enterprise and are available under cloud communications include Private branch exchange, call center, text messaging, SIP Trunking, Voice broadcast, Call tracking software, contact center telephony, interactive voice response and fax services. All these services include different communication required of an enterprise. These comprise of intra- and inter-branch communication, customer relations, inter-department memos, call forwarding, conference, and tracking services and operations center.

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Cloud communications is foremost for the enterprises as it is the center for all communications, which are managed, hosted, and maintained by the third-party service providers. The enterprise has to pay the fees for these services provide to them.


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