Cloud specialise on cloud data storage security

Cloud computing has made an impact on the IT business by proving itself to be the role model of the next generation IT architecture.

In divergence to the conventional solutions, where the IT facilities are under appropriate physical and staff office controls, cloud computing provides the flexibility of migrating the system software and databases to the remote data centers, where the management of the data and services may not be fully trustable. This unparrelled attribute, however, poses a good deal of new security challenges which have not been properly analysed. In this project, we specialise on cloud data storage security measures, which has always been an important factor when it comes to quality of service. To ensure the rightness of users’ data in the cloud, we devise an efficient and flexible distributed scheme with two prominent features, opposing the conventional methods. By employing three levels of security which involves ip triggering, ip binding and successful redirection, our schema prevents the misuse of users’ data on cloud.

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Unlike most prior works, the new scheme further supports secure and efficient dynamic operations on chunks of data which includes: updating the data, deleting as well as append operations on data. Comprehensive security and performance analysis shows that the proposed scheme is highly efficient and provides additional layer of security by the method of binding a file to the user’s ip address which prevents data modification attacks from unauthorized addresses and successful redirection to a fake file if in case the credentials are compromised.


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