Cloud service (Kalra & Singh, 2015). Scheduling

Cloud computing is a model or pattern of distributed computing including computers, networks, storage, development platforms or applications that can provide access to virtualized resources ( Mell & Grance, 2009, as cited in González-Martínez, Bote-Lorenzo, Gómez-Sánchez, & Cano-Parra, 2015). In education, cloud computing can works to provide e-learning services particularly in scenarios where these services are computer-intensive such as virtual worlds, simulations, video streaming, etc.

Cloud computing enhances its performance and throughput by using an efficient task scheduling algorithm (Lakra & Kumar Yadav, 2015). Many Vms (virtual machine) are running on each datacenter to utilize the resources efficiently. However cloud resources mostly are underutilized due to poor scheduling of task (or application) in datacenter (Lakra & Kumar Yadav, 2015).Scheduling allows allocation of resources to be optimized among given tasks in a finite time to achieve desired quality of service (Kalra & Singh, 2015). Scheduling and reservation are one of the research issues of cloud computing in education that have been pointed out since 2014 until now. Computing paradigm has gained much attention due to high scalability, reliability, information sharing and low-cost than single processor machines in recent years (Kalra & Singh, 2015).

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Since cloud computing provides on-demand access to shared resources on the cloud, it is necessary to provide Quality of Service (QoS) to users. Hence, scheduling is important in cloud computing systems.


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