COGITIVE 1998,p.75) Important prognosticator of apparent burden

COGITIVE FUNCTION OF CHILD DISTORTIONS ARE RELATED TO AND CONNECT WITH PTSD (POST TRUAMATIC STRESS DISORDER)PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder ) experiences of disturbing (re-back again like flash backs, keep away from people, sleeping disorders, touchiness night mares) safety problems, depression and tension, anxiety fear and worry of risks (Briere & Jordan, 2009).reactions to shrill and loud noise, symptoms of physiological anxiety and  deep and strong phobias like foot trapping, societal problems attention issues, self-blame, tension all these childhood trauma complexities stop and delay cognitive development adults also faces difficulties in education and anger , mad outburst. ADHD (attention deficit hyper activity disorder) is one of the disorder that is also linked with childhood trauma .( Adler,2004)  say  that “ADHD can be helplessness reason for increasing and raising PTSD follow experiences of trauma.PARENTAL AND CAREGIVER BURDENSThe issue of parental burden is tangled with high risk child who are traumatized  in childhood but had left unprocessed and untreated and poor knowledge and learning and social and societal skills how parents and caregiver caring for their traumatized children  and what are the causes of trauma levels of parents? And when parents make decision for traumatized children  required some exterior support and services? In the conduct research by( Angold, 1998,p.

75) Important prognosticator of apparent burden be the level of children sympotmatology and makes use of psychological health services seem to be medicated by burden induce or the stages and level. Research  noted  in continuing in ( Angold, 1998,p.77-78). That burden determine by four predictor that could hurtful events, anxiety and disturbing and  disruptive  actions and behaviours and depression or hopelessness disorders.

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the powerful predictor was the presence of parental perceived burden and  mental and psychological health services and  uses.DECISION MAKING AND CAUSES OF CAREGIVER STRESSImportant role and contribution  to amendment problems in child may be because of family, social and societal environment. If  the parents are care giver are not caring and supporting to reunion  the  requirements  of traumatized  children, the traumatized children will keep  connecting  in more and new problematical behaviour. Modest and slight concentration getting the parental  psychiatric disorders influences in children and psychiatric disorders of children on the parental psychological and mental health problems.

( Angold, 1998,p.79).SUPPORTIVE SYSTEMSThere are diversity of support systems ready to aid and help traumatized people. Some of the segments are describe supports such as  1) Psychological counselling  2)social and family support 3)support of inner and self-ruling and self directed   and spiritual support 4) recoverability and resiliency. In  the   conduct research (Condly,2006) describe that” In spite of the most adverse circumstances, some children manage to survive and even thrive, academically and socially, into adulthood”.SUPPORT SERVICES OF PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING Early life  or  childhood trauma which do not discovered by the therapists may be not helpful in grown person costumer complete heal  for traumatic children external support and their families are “indispensible” for childhood resilience development.

The complete family required to be support .  On the other hand (Angold, 1995,p.739) remarks that In  the child field and youth psychiatry here cover weakness on requirement  and definition of psychosocial and symptoms together impairment  resulting from disorder of psychiatric. (johson,2006) given the explanation that treatment of successful trauma  involve  reducing sensitivity of feelings and  memories.SOCIAL AND FAMILY SUPPORTFor  traumatic child intelligence is  the  first  reason, family support and care and help is second  and the factor of external and exterior support from institutions outside of the family and  individual and persons  support is third factor to support all children and adults and contract with overcoming.

The conducting literature review from (Black & Lobo, 2008) tells children who are expose to situations of high risk are capable  to go ahead creative and devoted live when raise in a helpful and caring and  positive family environment.SUPPORT OF INNER AND SEIF-RULING AND SELF-DIRECTED AND SUPPORT BY SPIRITUALHelpful and  care for self in optimistic  behavior way, that include  mental/psychological, bodily  and  physical, disturbing emotions  and  spiritual and religious care. Religious  faith and religious attachments through official and unofficial  organizations can optimistically influence children at hazard of troubles  and  problems  and  give a common  sense  and good  judgment  of hope. (Rew, Wong, and Sternglanz ,2004) give explanation that children do payer everyday while coping plan and  strategies had  other new social and more societal connectedness and in good health and behaviors.

RECOVERABILITY /RESILIENCYResiliency can be define in different way by researchers and authors. It is repeatedly also use with resiliency and recoverability interchangeably. (Punamaki, Qouta, and El-Sarraj ,2001,p.257)agreed that cognitive skills and strategy plan of coping are usual character that decide  how good and healthy children adjusts to  trauma  stress but outcomes are  consistent because of the difficult and dynamics among  resiliency helplessness effects in the life of children.


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