Cointreau, importance a list of types of

Cointreau, (2002) is defined Solid waste is therefore identical with refuse. Refuse is generated from several sources. It can be generated from domestic activities such as cooking, sweeping, cleaning, fuel burning and gardening. According to Cointreau (2002) other sources of solid wastes generation are the industries, the commercial areas like markets, various institutions such as schools, hospitals, government offices, and agricultural activities. Dijkema, Reuter and Verhoef (2000) state that waste is a subjective concept and that what is considered waste currently, may become a resource in the future because ”waste” has not been put to its full potential use.

As noted by Moeller (2005), the term is regularly left indeterminate due to its different definition. As a default definition, Moeller (2005) suggests that any substance that is without a holder is waste. In spite of its critical importance a list of types of waste is frequently substituted for the underlying definition

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