Cold spent on defense and expansion of

Cold war was a state of conflict between powers in the eastern block and western block comprising Soviet Union and its allies and United States and its allies respectively. The war was characterized by threats, propaganda, and other measures short of open warfare. However, these threats changed US as a nation by introducing both foreign and domestic policies to protect the interest of American people. Central to US foreign policy was the containment of the USSR and its communism ideologies, to achieve this goal the government increased spending in their defense programs. As a result huge amounts of tax payer’s money were spent on defense and expansion of industries related to war.

The US created a strong military forces and big stockpiles of nuclear weapons. These acts of arm race created a lot of fear among the civilian population and were forced to start making air raid drills. Creating bomb shelters that they hoped would protect them incase of attacks among civilians sparked a lot fear. The Cold War introduced an age of science innovation in the US and advocating for free market capitalism while claiming greater freedom of their citizens.

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It also brought about programs that would expand man kind into the unknown of space. The government began to require employees to pledge an oath saying that one is not a communist, or has affiliation with one or any similar organization. Breaking this oath meant investigation and possibly a trial. Never before had something like this happened in American society


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