Collaborative divorce can be faster than traditional

Collaborative divorce and traditional divorce have many differences. But is one faster to execute than the other? While individual cases always vary, we can say that the process of collaborative divorce generally goes faster than traditional, court-based divorce.To prove what we say, let’s look at a few reasons below why collaborative divorce can be faster than traditional divorce. When you’re ready, setup a free initial consultation with Jennifer Nixon to learn more about how she can work with you in your situation.Collaborative Divorce .

. .Is More OpenTraditional, court-based divorce can lead to lies and hiding of assets, slowing down the process. With openness and trust in the collaborative process, you and your spouse will have more control over the process.Happens Outside The CourtroomCollaborative divorce is client-centered and family-friend, happening outside the courtroom in a neutral space. In this process, you, your spouse and professionals involved make a commitment not to go to court.

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Has Outcomes More In-Line With Family WishesBecause collaborative divorce is meant to allow you and your spouse more time to negotiate between each other without the court getting in between, the outcome is generally more in-line with what your family wants. A judge in a traditional divorce may hand down a judgement which neither spouse may be happy with. With collaborative divorce, there is a better chance that both spouses will come away with wins.Collaborative Divorce May Be FasterDepending on the situation, collaborative divorce can in fact be faster than traditional, court-based divorce. Being more open, collaborative divorce allows spouses to speak honestly with each other, discover their needs and wants and resolve issues faster without obfuscation.You can set your own schedule with your attorney without bending to the schedule of the judge and court.With family wishes respected more readily, a win for both spouses is easier and faster to obtain.


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