College be. Learning from the courses you

College gives us the opportunity to discover who we are and what we like. College is where we can generate questions and find answers, and represent the base of what we will be. Learning from the courses you take is much more essential than getting a high grade and proving that you can pass a course by just studying and working hard. But those who decide to take this method will never learn from the ones who are handing you the information because they are trying to just get the class over with and move on to the next. On the other hand those who agree with theory 2 can learn and obtain information from the experiences they have taken part in through the period of time they have been in college for.

Critics of theory 2 will probably argue that you can take a course and learn from it but not pass the class and then not be capable of proceeding with one’s goal of reaching their major. I would rather learn so that I can uncover what I truly desire to achieve and be. Regardless of the decisions people make on whether to go to a University and continue with their path or not. Colleges and Universities provide countless amounts opportunities for those who have had a hard time discovering what they desire to be since half way through their high school career. This privilege can be given to many who have the desire to expand their knowledge and strengths, which in the end is reflected in a better first world society.

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