College most popular places people cheat and

College is a postsecondary option for anyone looking forward to continue his/her education in order to become successful in the future. Some people will choose to go to college, and some will not. The bunch who chooses to go to college isn’t always the smart ones, but the ambitious ones who will do anything to make something of themselves; and by anything I mean cheat until they get to the top. Cheating is anything that involves breaking a rule, or getting an unfair advantage. Schools are one of the most popular places people cheat and everyone can agree that they’ve cheated on a test at least once in their lives. But what are the reasons that urge us to do it? Some students cheat because they are lazy, they did not study, pressure, they are afraid of failing and some just don’t understand what’s being taught.
The first cause as to why college students cheat is because of laziness. Some students take laziness to a whole nother level. Students refuse to study and do their work because they feel like it’s a waste of time and they may not like the class he/she is in. Some students put off their work until last minute so they can go out to parties, get wild with friends and do all unnecessary activities, all of which doesn’t include his/ her school work. And they ending up not knowing what’s on a test which results in failing. For example, i have a lazy classmate who comes to class and chit chat with his friend everyday and i can guarantee that he misses topic being taught to us. So we have a test at the end of the week and on the test he wanted to ask me for help and ofcourse i said no and reminded him that he should’ve been paying attention. He went to copy off of someone else’s paper and still ended up failing the test.
Another reason why a college student would cheat is they lack self confidence which makes them afraid of failing.Some student have the ability to do extremely well but depend on cheating so that their grades remain good. Plenty of times i’m in class and a teacher ask a student a question that student knows the answer but is not confident enough to say the answer and the student loses points. On tests i see that same student with cheat sheets and him using his phone to cheat. The student however passes all his tests but still, cheating is never the right thing to do.
The third cause that leads to college students cheating is pressure. One


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