College “57.7 percent of students in a

College life can be the most enjoyable time in one’s life, because college students are able to plan their own schedules and take the responsibilities for themselves.

However, college life can also be stressful for the majority of students,”57.7 percent of students in a 2015 survey reported feeling “overwhelming anxiety” at least once in the last 12 months.”(Horowitz,2016) Since college students have to face a lot of challenging tasks in their daily lives. Those challenging tasks are the sources of stress in college students, which is academic pressure, financial burden, schedule management and uncertainty of future. Academic pressure is one of the biggest source of stress in college students.”55% of students, nationally, claimed their biggest stressor to be academic in nature.

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” (Dusselier et al.,2005) Some demanding classes drive the students insane by teaching difficult contents or having large amount of assignments and hard quizzes. For example, the course English Linguistic was a nightmare to me when I was a sophomore. Since it was so hard to bear in mind all the complicated details of phonetics, syntax and morphology, it made me felt extremely stressed when I was taking this course.Due to the expensive college tuition and other additional costs on textbooks, housing and daily lives.

College students usually have to face the stressful situationsabout struggling to seek for financial aid or to work in part time job, so as to earnenough money to pay for the high costs of their college education. “Nearly 60percent said they worry about having enough money to pay for school, while half areconcerned about paying their monthly expenses.”(Grabmeier,2015) Therefore,financial burden can also be the primary source of stress for college students.College students not only enjoy more freedom compared to high schoolstudents, also, they have more flexibility to manage their own schedule. However, itcould be challenging and stressful when students fail to manage it well. For instance,students who procrastinate are those who fail to keep on the schedule, they put offdifficult tasks so as to avoid the responsibility and pressure.

However, they wouldexperience greater pressure when they finally find out that they don’t have enoughtime to finish it before the deadline.”A pervasive source of distress amongst college students is the big questionmark occupying the space on the calendar that starts around tomorrow and extendsindefinitely.”(Honig,2016) The anxiety and pressure to face the uncertainty of futureis inevitable for all the college students, even freshman. To get rid of the anxiety offeeling uncertain about future, college students have to went through exhausting and stressful processes on their way of discovering the positions or the jobs that bestsuit them.In conclusion, pressure is inevitable for the college students.

The main causes of stress in college students can be both academically and financially, since studentshave to struggle hard so as to pass the courses or to earn enough money to completethe college education. Also, college students are required to have good self-management, including planning their schedules well and making right decisions fortheir unknown future. Therefore, college life can be really stressful for students since the stress can be sourced from many different aspects.


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