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College life is a tremendous jump for anyone who decides to take it and not everyone who attends comes in with the same expectations. Being a Northern Illinois student, I have high hopes and expectations for myself. While I would like to have a lot of fun socially, at the same time I know, it’s just as important to succeed academically.

I believe NIU is an excellent place for me to grow as an individual. I think being able to will help me translation better without having to feel homesick at any moment, knowing that I have a reliable support system waiting for me back home. Socially, I want to meet new people.

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I’m eager in meeting other individuals and learning a little about themselves such as – where they come from, what life is like in their part of the country, why they too choose NIU. I think it’s interesting to get to know people who grew up in an entirely different culture/background than me. Some places I could achieve this goal is by going to sports events or just working out at the recreational center.

Another advantage being from Sycamore has given is that I already know a few friends on campus and that will help make the transition a bit more comfortable. When it comes to academics, I know I’ll be challenged a bunch especially in CSCI 240 and MATH 206. I see the content and workload will be much more robust than most of my classes in high school. Despite this fact, I feel confident in taking on this challenge and plan to push myself to the fullest of my potential in achieving excellence.

My goal is to get a 4.0 in all semesters for the next four years. While it may seem outlandish, I always want to set the bar high for myself, because it usually brings the best out of me.


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