Coming the full scope of the usefulness

Coming up with original ideas for the activities in this assignment was difficult, a series of internet searches revealed that there is very little new under the sun. The internet provided a wealth of ideas and for my activities I chose two variations of themes that I found on the internet.

I had been introduced to the PECS system while studying the special needs theory in class, but it was only while putting this assignment and activities together that the full scope of the usefulness of the PECS system became clear. One criticism that I would have of the PECS activity is that it may cause limiting behavior as the childs ability to communicate improves, such as in a social situations, the child could become dependent on the cards to express what they want or feel. Another criticism regards the potential for the PECS cards to be lost or damaged, this could lead to frustration and angry outbursts.Another observation regarding the PECS system/activity is that it also requires a lot of time, commitment and repetition to ensure the progress of the child. As PECS is a nonverbal form of communication, it must be continuously reinforced by saying the various words out loud. PECS also requires access to a computer and a printer because some pictures need to be made which are unique to each person.

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It is also necessary to laminate the pictures and cards to ensure a reasonable degree of longevity.


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