Common are the common mistakes that cause new

Common Mistakes That Cause New Habits to FailIt happens lots of time we start a new habit but it get so difficult to manage it, sometimes we don’t want and sometimes our surrounding is such that don’t allow us.

What are the common mistakes that cause new habits to fail? 1. Too many habits at onceSo much to do, so many habits to fix! Right now! I want to change everything at once. And what does this lead to?We’re trying to bite off too much that we cannot chew. And as a result we throw, because we do not cope.Over time, you will have a skill, everything will become easier, and the development of habits will turn into an understandable and even fascinating process.It’s like riding a bicycle. When you have learned, everything turns out to be easy and simple, almost by itself. You just have to keep your balance and pedal.

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Trying to train several habits at once, we just put an impossible task on the body.Solution: Choose one useful habit at a time, and finish it.2. Starting with difficult oneThis error is the continuation of the first. I want a new difficult habit right now.Run every day for 10 km. Meditate every day for a hour.

Quit completely procrastinate. Never be late for important meetings, etc.All these are wonderful and useful habits. There is only one but. This is not an instant feat, but a gradual development. Do not raise 80 kg at once, or run 10 km. First – start running for at least 2 minutes.It’s not just that we just gave up one habit.

Again. The most unpleasant thing is that we begin to believe, we will not succeed. We begin to scold ourselves. We begin to believe that we cannot cope.Start small. Gradually get involved. And only then increase the dose. This is especially important at first.

Solution: Begin with minimal effort. Make it so simple that you cannot say no.3. Missed several times and now don’t want to do We missed 1-2 days – and everything, we throw. Well, again, nothing happened. The most important thing to remember is that there are failures in developing habits for everyone! Sometimes this is completely our fault. We forgot or we are sick or we are emotionally weak or a dozen more reasons.

The mistake is to start scolding yourself with the cries of “again it did not work!”Sometimes you need to change tactics, sometimes start over, sometimes just relax and continue. Solution: Missed a few days? Just go back – and continue your quest.4. We do not change our environment Adhering to good habits in bad conditions is very difficult, almost impossible. For example:• It is almost impossible to eat healthy food if you are constantly surrounded by cakes, sweets and other joys of unhealthy food.

• It is almost impossible to concentrate on one task, if you are constantly distracted by notices, letters and calls. And so on.We rarely recognize (or even realize), that our behavior is often a simple reaction to the environment in which we find ourselves.

If your environment does not change, it will also be difficult for you to change.• Do you want to work hard? Turn off notifications. Do not check the mail.

Remove unnecessary applications from the screen, etc.• Do you want to go to the gym more often? Prepare a bag with a dress and shoes the night before.• Do you want to meditate in the morning? Prepare the mat in advance – to start, you just need to sit on it. Solution: create an environment that helps a new habit.


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