Communication communicate each other is changing as

Communication along with technology have a huge impact in our lives in this 21 century, communication trough technology such as internet and phones has become a daily habit even necessary for most work sectors. Technology is improving every day and the way we communicate each other is changing as well. Communication technology might be seen as a good way to communicate for most of people but, what are the advantages and disadvantages? As technology has “became” untouchable” with the internet, photos and videos can be shared freely, there are many risks that we take.

Many cases have been disclosure where people post personal information such as bank account, full address and phone numbers without care which may call the attention of scammers and criminals.The advantages of communication technologyCommunication technology has help us to communicate with our friends, families and others, it keeps us connected even if we travel aboard we can still communicate. WhatsApp, skype and others allow us to voice call them, text them and even make a video call. Mentioned application also has improved the costs of it making it more accessible for most people. The business marked also has been beneficed specially with the internet, many stores online are available to buy and sell items around the world with websites such as eBay, amazon and even local markets like

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