Communication is because of effective management. Communication is

Communication in the Healthcare planning ProcessTara LillardHCA 421Fran SteelAugust 20, 2018The role of communication in the strategic and program planning process,which is necessary for managing a multidisciplinary and multiculture health care system organizational effectiveness. As the report expounds,the reason as to why some healthcare organization become successful is because of effective management.Communication is also,an important concept that carries out their planning strategies and organizations mainly through the ability to encourage coordination between managers and staff.

Verbal communication is a perfect way to help a company to accomplish goals or to encourage others to create their goal. Communicating also,provides the distinction between organization and emploees. In todays healthcare industry organization manaers are now responsible for sharing information with other staff just to achieve their goals.It helps the organizational members to establish both personal and organizational goals.Every head department managers should utilize goals to their staff members; at this time this would allow staff members to create their goal and successful organization.

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