Communication of comunication that cater for all

Communication is vital to the running of a business and there are varying forms of communication methods. Each of these methods has positives and negatives to them and each have different qualities that make it effective towrds their designated target. For a business to be successful, they need to have forms of comunication that cater for all customers and requirements. There are a few types of comunication methods that can be used in the business enviroment, such as- verbal, non-verbal and written. A business is required to change their methods of communication depending on the scenario or customer. If information is required quickly, the best form of communication would be verbally via phonecall. If the business needed to present dat, then the pest way for them to do this would be through powerpoint or another presentation software. This is then where the business can begin to use forms of non-verbal communication such as gestures and facial expressions. People can then also alter the tone of their voice and eye contact, this helps to keep customers concentratiing and interested. Written forms of communication as the most common form of coomunication is the workplace due to there being a vast range of methods. From e-mail which is quick and confidential, to post services which allow you to send large quantites of information at once. In most cases of written communication, a copy of the letter or e-mail is kept, either for future reference of to keep in case of questioning.

If the business knows the audience they are communicating with, such as colleagues of friends, they can use the correct form of lanuage or conduct the communication with the acceptable levels of proffesionalism . when communicating between colleagues most often or not people will use slang or more informal language. Although if you were to communicate with someone outside of the business, you would need to use formal language to show the business off in the right manner. At Adams and Howling, emails are always finished with ‘reagrds …….’ As this is a formal way to end the e-mail and very professional way. Phone calls are also answered with ‘ good morning/afternoon ‘ if we have regular contact with the customer, but if it is a new client or somone calling who we are unaware of, we use ‘ good morning/afternoon, Adams and Howling’. This is because it allows the customer on the other end the phone to feel the degree of proffesionalism that every comapany wants to show off, this is a common way for businesses to answer the phone, as it promotes a friendly and clear manner as well. If they were outside of the industry it would not be practical to use technical language that the customers wouldn’t understand without explaining that to them, if we don’t then the customer really isnt going to know what is going on. Letters are often strated with ‘Dear Sirs/Madam’ which is then finished wih ‘Yours Faithfully’ as this letter is being written to someone who you don’t persobnally know. Whereas if you start of the letter with ‘Dear ….. (NAME), the letter end with ‘Yours Sincerely’ , this is because you know the person you are writing, perhaps as the business has associated with them before, or they are a regular client.
Enusing that you use the correct spelling, punctuation and grammer is important in written forms of communication, because this is when the customer/client is going to notice these mistakes. If a client finds this mistakes not only is it going to make the person who crafted the document look unprofessional, it is consequenlty going to look bad of the business. Checking these forms of written communication is vital, because a small mistake, maybe confusing numbers or not including a word, could be devesating to company if the client uses the information that is printed on the letter/e-mail. For example if a client was needing to pay £100 pounds, they could easily end up paying only £10 or even £1000 pounds. A company also needs to ensure that they can get information across to customers in a quick and easy to interpret way. Information should be easy to spot for the customer and not require them to spend five or ten minuets looking for this information within the e-mail. With others forms of comminacion such as verbal, it isnt easier to avoid getting these things wrong as there is no written evidence/proof of the information.
It is important to use appropriate body language and tone of voice when communicating verbally to present a positive image of yourself and your business. It helps to create impact on others and is a way of helping with discussions on sensitive subjects. Different type of body language gives of different impressions of you as a person. Using body language is a good way to build up understanding and trust. The tone of your voice, can also influence the way a customer feels about you and how confident you are. If you stutter and talk under your breath, it is going to come across that your arent fully sure of whats going on abd your knowledge maybe isnt as full as it could be. Whereas if your confident in the way you speak and the way you stand, it is only going to send across positive feelings to the customer. When your speaking face to face with someone,

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