Community projects which contribute to our nation’s development.

Community service can serve as a very effective change agent, but first let’s define what a change agent is.

From what I have read a change agent is involved in promoting and enabling a positive shift within a certain target area. Community service has fostered many projects which contribute to our nation’s development. Some of which include cleaning up our environment and creating an impact on the adults of tomorrow. A healthier more natural environment has boosted the number of tourists that visit island in turn making or economy grow. Each year we see an increase in tourist arrivals taking us one step closer to achieving goals number 3 and 4 in vision 2030.Through community service the goals of vision 2030 are one the way of being achieved.

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Programs have been launched to empower our citizens, create a secure society, make our economy prosperous and keep our environment healthy and natural. Volunteers in our education system instill valuable skills and attitudes in our children, giving them the best hope of achieving their full protentional. Community watch and mediator programs are put in place to ensure a safer, cohesive and just society.Also, to bolster our economy programs such as the Small Business Development Centre model and Start-Up Jamaica are launched.

These programs assist enterprises with management difficulties and young technology entrepreneurs by providing skills, technology, business and legal support. Lastly our environment is made healthier and natural through annual clean up days where anyone can volunteer. In conclusion, the role of community service plays in vision 2030 is of utmost importance. Through community service the four goals can be achieved, Jamaicans can be empowered, our society can be secure, our economy can be prosperous and our environment can definitely be healthy and natural.


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