Companies asking people to see what they think

Companies conduct research by doing surveys, questionnaires and interviews; they get two different types of data primary data and secondary data. Primary data means when you collect the data for the first time, secondary date is when the data already exists so you identify other things. This will benefit me because I am asking people to see what they think about my product and how I could improve: also I could ask them what is better or see what their preference is. I could gather a small group and get direct feedback, which will help me even more. Companies also analyse data that has already been published, with this secondary data you can identify competitors, establish benchmarks and identify target segments. The government also helps some companies with their research, companies also get help from community organisations with research. All of this could benefit me by helping me get the research I need because I can analyse data that I need by using secondary data and also got to hot spots where people are always there and asking what they think about my idea.

Surveys would be inexpensive and easier to do then online surveys, it is also flexible and extensive. I could use quantitate research and qualitative research

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