Companies the organizational communication which implies communication among

Companies sets specific objectives in order to achieve success in the global market economy, and to gain comparative advantage over the global competition.

For these objectives to be achieved, the important factor is the organizational communication which implies communication among employees, as well as the communication between different hierarchical levels within the organization and through the groups or departments. In this paper we will analyze and explain the importance of communication for company. Also the communicational procedure and channels for information flow through the network of small groups and the network of informal groups. However, we will mention the communication as the important factor of organizational behaviour because of the developing changes in companies which face the leadership with new  challenges and opportunities for testing the different organizational hierarchical.Keywords: Communication, Organization, Organizational Behaviour, , Effective Communication, Organizational Performance.1.IntroductionAll interactions between humans are form of communication, verbal and non verbal.

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More specifically in the business world, nothing can be achieved without effectively communicating with employers, employees, clients, suppliers and customers. The impact of effective communication within the company is one of the crucials segments of a company to become successful in its market. If we observe at the most successful business people in the world, we can see that they have mastered the art of communication, for instance Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon and Tim Cook the CEO of apple, which are one of the most successful companies in their markets.Business throughout the world today are very challenging.

A company to remain profitable and achieve its goals in the challenging and competitive global market economy should manage its resources of production in effective way, the most important factors of production  are humans , machines, materials. Among these factors , human resources is the biggest challenge for the company because unlike other inputs, employees management demands skillful handling of thoughts, feelings, motivation and emotions in order to achieve the highest productivity in the company, and effective organizational communication is an essential part in the challenge of productivity and success.Organizational communication is a channel to flow information, resources, policies and even make the employees understand the organizational culture of the company. The definition of the organizational communication is consideration analysis and  the clear communication with one another and understand them.

Its  main function is to inform, persuade and promote goodwill.The art of communication is the effective interaction with one another, which means individuals communicate verbal or non verbal in order to achieve some goals, for instance a deal or a partnership. Communication within the company is like the bloodstream in people, it represent the bloodstream of a company, which lead as that without effective communication nothing can be achieved for a company. Communication skills and important in the everyday life of people is a way an individual interact with his friends, family and colleagues and is a crucial factor for someone to success in the workplace. Many people have lack of communication skills as a result they may sometimes struggle to convey their thoughts and ideals in an accurate manner, make it difficult to reach their full potential as a communicator, a manager, a colleague or a leader of others.


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