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Companies now a day needs to treat and communicate with their employees in different way to become more competitive in the market, where people now don’t look for high salary only even though if they are happy with their job, they need to see them self make changes in the organization and to be trusted from their leaders, where if they find this environment they would be more productive and creative and would work harder since the feel their job is important and their leaders have some expectation regarding to their work.Where employees need to see their work and how is their job affect the company vision.

And we will discuss later how SABIC treat their employees.What does mean employee engagement mean?It means better performance, high rate of goal achievement. When employees start to be engaged with each other and the feels as they are strong person, they become motivated and perform better in each task they assigned to. When every employee feels satisfied they can lead the company to achieve growth and goal for the company, since they feel that company build values and culture among them.Why employees are important?Some time employee is more important than client why?1. Your employees are your most valuable part of your organization 2. Your employees can improve parties or sink them”When you treat them right, then they will treat your outside customers right. That has bean a powerful competitors weapon for us” Dr.

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Kelleher southwest airline founder.3. Great organizations emphasize customer experience. Great managers emphasize employees experience.Why does employee leave organization?1. Relationship with managers, employees don’t need to be friend with their bosses but they need to feel that they treat them fairly and respect them2.

Unchallenging work place 3. Relationship with other employees4. The over and corporate culture 5. Many other reasonsHow to improve employee performance and engagement?1. When employee have career development opportunities 2.

Few salary structure 3. Inspiration 4. Communication improve relationship among employees5. Bonus factor 6. Flexible work timeAfter mentoring all the previse factors organization ended with a new structure which is considerationConsideration: is the extent to which a leader exhibits concern for the welfare of the member of the group This factor is oriented towards interpersonal relationship mutual trust and friendship Factor considered: 1. Being friendly 2. Being fair and equal for all employees3. Being friended and easy going with other group member 4.

Being helpful When a company don’t apply this leadership style or a similar style, it might fail to achieve its goals, when ever there is a huge space between leaders and employees it become difficult to understand the organization goal and what is required for each employee.SABIC (Saudi Basic Industrial corporation) SABIC is one of the biggest company in Saudi Arabia, and the second biggest petrochemicals company in the world, SABIC was founded 1976 (42 years ago), SABIC also have more than 40,000 employees in 60 branch around the whole world. SABIC have a high rate of engagement level with their employees where the also apply consideration leadership style within the organization, where the make them feel as a one family, where the leaders exhibit concerns for the welfare of the whole workers, where they trust each other and feels as friends, treat each other by mutual respect also For example, to prove that SABIC have a consideration leadership style, when 2 person apply for job and one of them have a GPA of 3.

3/4 (but no one of his family work for SABIC), while the other one have a GPA of 3.1/4 (but his father or brother work for SABIC) they would prefer the second one because they belief he will be more loyal for them since they as a real family works for the same company. The even ask the person who apply for the job in the job application. SABIC make their employees feel like they are one family where they try to make them close as possible to each other, for example, they have a private compound for their employees with a private school and gym for their families. SABIC make their employees feels as they are one family, to make the trust each other and to perform better and work harder to achieve more goals, with this strategy SABIC have the abilities to produce for the world more product which SABIC create them.Integrity Message from the CEO Performance with Integrity! It is the foundation upon which SABIC is built and the foundation upon which we will continue to grow to meet the goals of SABIC 2025. We must hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct every day, in every transaction and everywhere we do business . .

. without compromise. We must create and maintain a culture where employees are secure and comfortable knowing that all compliance issues will be addressed and that there will be no negative consequences for those who raise concerns. The Code provides a unified foundation for growth under our 1 SABIC values. The Code: •  Inspires our employees by empowering them with a clear and common understanding of the ethical boundaries in which we must operate •  Engages our diverse workforce by ensuring that we maintain a respectful and welcoming work environment.

•  Creates a sustainable compliance and integrity framework to support innovation in products, processes and solutions in a highly regulated world. •  Delivers growth by earning the trust of our employees, customers and business partners that we will always conduct business with uncompromising integrity. In conclusion:In other words, we can say that as more as the organization leaders communicate more and become closer to employees the healthier would be the work place, emphasize work life balance, also the more friendly environment between employees. When the whole employees work as one body to achieve the company goals.


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