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Computer and video games were created not so long ago, while some people already have a prejudices about it. In most of the cases it causes a lack of information about those things. There are two opposite opinions; it is harmful or beneficial for children.

However there are several statements that computer and video games are not harmful, moreover it probably become a perfect tool for children development. First of all, computer and video games from the beginning have ratings system according to the age. Some of the arguments against can saying as this system do not efficient enough. While, this system controls games with violence and adult content which could not be purchased by children. This protection used as a first barrier to protect them. Additionally, most of the games have special modified settings in game which could be easily switched off for harmful content.

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For example, this possibility gives opportunity to remove scenes with violence in games. Moreover, a lot of magazines provide recommendations about a games and parents can chose specially dedicated game for exact age. Those article are written in details and have particular advices for parents. Another thing, games are different in term of content and mechanic. Contra arguments state that games are almost the same which is not a true. As illustration, educational games can be used for learning. Those games have a lot of information inside and it provides in entreatment way while you are playing.

Other games dedicated for sport from where children can learn rules, tactics, and strategies of real sport games. For instance, game copies a real players and give a possibility to get more information about their development as a sportsmen. Some games dedicated for skills development such as reaction, attention, and critical thinking. For example, racing games required high attention to small details and fast reaction during a driving. Finally, video games can be played in cooperation with other players.

Those statement oppose idea that children spend time during video games alone. More and more children willing to keep their friendship connection via games in order to spend time together. Challenges in game help children create a stronger relations.

Moreover, parents can also participate in games and spend time together with their children. This time would be associated as time of fun and children would be willing to spend more time with family. Additionally, players can find new friends from all of the world, since internet games can connect people from different parts of planet.

Those multicultural experience definitely would be beneficial for children. In conclusion, such beneficial things as age rating system, wide various of games, and multiplayer option definitely are not even harmful, moreover are well suited and helpful for children. Games are developing and become well known for more people, which lead to better understanding of video game’s idea and it consequences.


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