Computer troubleshoot failed rotational media and solid state

Computer Engineering is a veryprecise and semi-hard career to pursue. Computer Engineering deals with the design of products for electroniccomputation and communication. These people who pursue this career focus on thecreation and processing of electronic information. I chose this job because ofhow much I enjoy playing on computers and looking into the hardware ofcomputers and figuring out what does what is pretty interesting. In this paperI am going to talk about the work conditions, the career history, skills andtraits, education and training which includes colleges, and Employment.

 Computer Engineers have many responsibilities.They work in virtually all industries. They make and build computers for athome or for work places. They also make new computer hardware format whichmeans that they make new stuff for computers that they can work on and so otherpeople that use them can work with. Some computer engineers revise and improvesoftware, like coding for the computer system. Their work environment can be atschools, office buildings, hospitals, or even at home. Computer engineersusually work with other computer engineers to combine thoughts and ideas.

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Computer engineers obviously should have a high-tech computer of some sort towork on to do work related things. They should have specialized computersoftware to work on and high-tech electrical testing and repairing tools. Atypical day for a computer engineer is pretty self-explanatory, they testcomputer systems and work on computers that need to be fixed with hardwareissues. Other things that they do are as follows,  “Diagnoseand troubleshoot failed rotational media and solid state storage devices”,”Analyze user needs and recommend appropriate hardware”, “Modifyhardware to either enable forensic analysis of the media or to change the functionality of the hardwarefor other purposes”, “Participate in thedesign and development of electronic circuits and assemblies”,”Conduct technical exploitation and examination of high priority digitalmedia”, and “Test and peer review for technical accuracy, standardsand compliance to the design”. (McKay).

 Those are all examples of what computer engineers can do or will do in aday or in days to come. Also there is things that employees will expect fromyou, they will expect strong customer focused attitude, strong sense ofresponsibility, commitment to quality and achieving deadlines,”Must be highly motivated, self-reliant and goal-driven to participate asa member of a cross-functional team”, “Demonstrate critical attentionto detail and deadlines, and are self-motivated”, and the Willingness toembrace new development techniques and design aids (Mckay).  Computer Engineering has changed so much overthe years. Computers really didn’t get popular until the late 1900’s becausethat’s really when they were invented. As the years went on computers startedto advance so computer engineering started to advance as well seeing how newthings were getting added to computers so the engineers had to learn the newthings about computers. This job today is very complex seeing how advanced ourcomputers are today. Computer engineers have to have adecent amount of skills and traits to become one. They have to have criticalthinking, if you compare many solutions to problems it will allow you to solvethe best solution to the problem.

Computer engineers have to be able to handlereading a lot, they have to be able to read to keep up with current technologyand ways to solve problems with the computers. Communication skills is a hugeskill of becoming one of these, since computer engineers work in teams most ofthe time, communication skills and listening skills are an essential tobecoming one. And finally, you have creativity.

You should have this to come upwith ways to solve problems relating to the computers you are working with, anddesigns for new builds of computers. Education and training for this jobis quite simple. If you want to become one then you would need a bachelor’sdegree in computer engineering. Some jobs will let you in with a degree incomputer science since it’s basically the same degree. But most will require abachelor’s degree in computer engineering (McKay). After college you reallydon’t have to take any course or anything before being hired, college gives youbasically everything you need to be ready.

Most colleges offer this degree, orthere are schools dedicated to just technical engineering so you can get adegree in that. Those schools work just like colleges. Then we have employment, employmentis projected to rise 5% from 2016 to 2026 according to McKay (McKay). That isabout average for most occupations.

“A limited number of engineers will beneeded to meet the demand for new computer hardware because more technologicalinnovation takes place with software than with hardware” (McKay from theBureau of Labor Statistics). Advancement in computer engineering employmentwill increase only if computers advance themselves because if computers areadvancing you are going to need to employ more people to figure out and work onthese new parts of computers. The yearly wage for most Computer Engineers are$115,000, and that’s about $55 an hour. That’s a good amount of money for onlya 4-year degree. Jobs are basically around all of the U.

S, In Colorado they canmake up to $150,000 a year. It just depends on which state you live in, somestates make more than others. Also, which city you live in can be a huge partof how much money you make a year. Some cities around New York make more moneythan others and it’s a big difference. The number of jobs as of 2016 is $73,600(McKay from the Bureau of Labor Statistics). Therefore, Computers Engineering canbe a decently hard job to pursue because of all the things they have to design,work with, and fix new hardware that comes out on computers.

They make a decentamount of money for only being a 4-year degree. And the employment is growingas the years go on. Computer engineering a good job to pursue because of thetechnology advancement that is moving up as the years go on and on.

ComputerEngineers will have a lot of a harder job in the future because as fast ashardware is moving up in computers, the harder the job is going to be.  


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