Conceptual suggests that different leadership styles have

Conceptual framework Discussion of transformational leadership in discussing mental health. Through an analysis of relevant literature, a transformational leadership style (TFL) is crucial in creating a healthy learning environment for students. Creating a supportive environment where responsibility is shared at all levels (staff, faculty, students, counsellors, etc..

(can include course readings on shared responsibility look at your posts) improves the health and well being of students. TFL in collaboration with staff, students, faculty, and external members works towards common goals in addressing student mental health. TFL will enable/allow all members to challenge the current situation of student mental health illness and works towards changing the environment to support student success. Leaders, students, faculty, counsellors, can work together to develop a clear vision and set expectations. A conceptual framework will demonstrate the important role of TFL in creating/shaping a healthy learning environment by addressing the mental health concerns among college students. A review of research suggests that different leadership styles have varying ways for leading (Birasnav, 2014). Among all leadership styles, TFL is a form of leadership in which leaders motivate, inspire, and transform.

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(find quote). This leadership style informs individuals to become conscious/aware of the need to address student mental health and outlines the roles and responsibilities of individuals to work with students to appropriately deal with common mental health problems. TFL will help improve and bring about positive change in student performance and outcomes and build a supportive culture between leaders and all members engaged in the process. An integrated and guided approach by all members within the organization will help layout strategic goals, encourage others to focus on student health issues and facilitate/improve the continuous ongoing support to sustain a healthy learning environment for all students. TFL can play an important role in creating and sustaining a healthy learning environment by putting into place programs, services, and initiatives for all students to access within the academic environment. This type of leadership style can cause change and innovation and improve organizational performance. Transformational leaders are an integral part of the process in serving as role models towards a shared vision of innovation through transparent communication networks, trust, the sharing of knowledge, and finding solutions to problems.

A collaborative transformational leadership approach helps to foster an organization’s goals, allows leaders to guide and motivate staff, faculty, and students, and plan for new opportunities and challenges to produce change in relation to the mental health and well being of students. Among various factors that can influence student mental health, effective leadership can be the most important best practices among organizations. Transformational leadership provides a new vision and has a positive impact in specific ways.

By focusing on the health and well being of students and the prevention of mental illness, leaders will be more committed to engaging in conversations related to mental health. Under the transformational model, the leader focuses on creating positive change. The transformational leader moves team members toward action by building their confidence levels and generating a belief in a cause (Fisher, 2009). The Transformational change and leadership approach can cause change through a variety of mechanisms specifically in helping to understand the issues concerning student mental health and well being and developing a change initiative specific to the organization’s vision. An examination of various perspectives social, political, organizational, and material will help in creating a more inclusive picture of transformational behaviors on student outcomes.


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