Concerns the human mind. Carr starts by

Concerns over the Increasing Use of the InternetAuthored by Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid” explores the danger of the increasing reliance on the internet to the human mind.

Carr starts by sharing his own experience where he states that he feels that his thinking habits have changed with the rising use of the internet (Carr 2). Although he was a good reader a few years ago, his concentration level is now low, and he finds himself drifting after reading a few pages, which is a deep contrast to what he used years ago before he started using the internet. Carr observes that while the internet is a great source of information, it has far-reaching effects on how people read and think (Carr 2). Long gone are the days when one would carefully examine an article, and possibly reread it a few times, in search of information (Carr 6). Today, what users do is quickly peruse over different articles as they skim through the paragraphs.Carr shares that although human beings read more now than they did in the 1970s and 1980s, it’s a new kind of reading(Carr 8). In contrast to how people read earlier, now users focus on immediacy and efficiency, other than the information.

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 The wide use of cellphones has contributed highly to this. The use of various text messaging applications has seen several users read more than they did a few years ago. With the arrival of text messages, users focus on getting the message to the recipient using the fewest words possible. Carr posits that how one reads, and the equipment used in writing has the ability to shape his thoughts, and even who he is (Carr 11). With the increased use of the internet, human beings have become information decoders, other than creators of information (Carr 8).

 Googlefounders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, hope to take artificial intelligence to the next level by making Google search engines smart enough to know the information one is looking for, and provide exactly that (Carr 25). The author notes that while this is a great technological advance, there might be danger in the increasing over reliance on the internet. Work CitedCarr, Nicholas.

“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” The Atlantic.July/August, 2008 Issue. Retrieved from Accessed January 26,2018.


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