Connectedness. significantly known to be less lonely and

Connectedness. Social Media’s effect on our interaction and communicating or connecting is now clearly seen through all areas of the society and had impact on our interpersonal communication.

Keller (2013) states that, according to Professor Paul Booth, of DePaul University Chicago, “There has been a shift in the way we communicate; rather than face to face interaction, we’re tending to prefer mediated communication…we’d rather e-mail than meet; we’d rather text than talk on the phone” (p. 10). Definitely, social media do have an effect on how people communicate and connect on one place to another (Keller, 2013). A lot of studies have described the kinds and frequency of SNS communication does have a serious effect on the loneliness and the social role satisfaction of the person. A high frequency of directed and active communications by the adult users of Facebook was significantly known to be less lonely and with always use of directed communication was equivalent with much more social role satisfaction unlike those nonusers (Hutto, Bell, Farmer, et.

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al., 2015). With previous studies and Pew Center Statistics, SNSs are the mainly used to connect or stay in touch with their family and friends, having a difference from younger generations on using social media to connect with friends (Bell, Fausset, Farmer, et.

al., 2013) In the study of Porter et. al., 2012, mentioned in their study that observed at how could social media affects relationships, and they came up with the result of Internet having no effect on the interpersonal relationships and closeness at all (Pollet et. al., 2011) However, children in today’s generation’s use of social media may change the result.

According to Cloninger and Strembicki (2013), a study on media influence done by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that parents often feel that technology is taking over their lives. Exploring different kinds of social media is already an habitual activity and research describes it being beneficial not only for children but also for adults by enhancing more their way of communication, social connection, and even high technical skills (Horst ; Bittani, 2010) These sites have discovered new and multifarious ways to communicate through the internet and even young people can connect these sites to their computers, tablets or mobile phones. This mobile interaction and connection with social media has become an replaceable part of the teenagers life style ( Zwart, Lindsay, Henderson ; Philips, 2011).


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