Considered up with a conversation between Roderigo, Desdemona’s

Considered to be one of the best classic novels of all times, Othello follows the structure of a typicalShakespearean tragedy written in 1603. The protagonist of the novel, Othello, the moor of Venice fallsprey to conspiracies of his subordinates and competitors. The ending of this play is heart wrenching andthe readers end up sympathizing with Othello’s character.

William Shakespeare’s Othello comprises Fiveacts each playing a pivotal role in the development of the plot.The story opens up with a conversation between Roderigo, Desdemona’s suitor, and Iago who is anensign. Both of them have their own reasons of animosity with Othello, they pledge to seek a revengeagainst him. As the story proceeds, it is revealed that Othello and Desdemona, the Senator’s daughter, aresecretly married.

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Rodergio who had asked Desdemona’s father for her hand in marriage, plans to get herby his evil strategies accompanied by Iago who is displeased with Othello as he has promoted Cassioabove him. The seed of doubt is sown in Othello’s mind towards the end of third act where Desdemona’smistakenly loses her handkerchief (a gift given by Othello) which is later found by Emilia, Iago’s wife.Iago lures Emilia to give him the handkerchief as he wishes to use it for the execution of his evil plans.

He plants the handkerchief in Cassio’s possession implying to Othello that Desdemona and Cassio arehaving an illicit affair. Iago later converses with Othello and asks him to notice Cassio’s reactions whenhis affair is mentioned. Othello mistakes the conversation to be about Desdemona whereas it actually isabout Bianca, Cassio’s beloved. Bianca also accuses Cassio of gifting her a second hand gift. All of thisfurther influences Othello’s already skeptical mind and he grows hostile towards his wife Desdemona.In his pursuit of Desdemona, Roderigo blindly acts on Iago’s idea of killing Cassio who somehowmanages to survive. This fatal fight in the street attracts the attention of Lodovico and Gratiano who rushto help Cassio. Fearing the revelation of his plans, Iago silently stabs Roderigo.

In the last act, Othello comes to confront Desdemona and eventually kills her in the bed where they oncemade love. Emilia comes into the scene and reveals the truth of events. On learning the truth, Othelloinstantly regrets his actions but it is already too late to repent his actions. Overpowered by the guilt, hecommits suicide.Othello by William Shakespeare highlights the protagonist’s Hamartia (the tragic flaw) that ultimatelybecomes the reason of hero’s downfall.

Unfaithfulness and jealousy go hand in hand in this story.Infuriated by the mere thought if an illicit affair of his wife with another man, Othello goes to the extentof strangling his own beloved. This Shakespearean tragedy is a must read for every literature lover. Thefamous play has been enacted and published over and over and is still considered to be one of the bestplays ever written in the history of English Literature.


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