Constitutional well as the slave trade in Washington,

Constitutional republic was birth and challenges began. Liberty was challenged in the 1800s America by slavery.In 1849, California requested permission to enter the union as a free state, which potentially caused an upsetting balance between the free and slave states in the U.S.

senate. The fugitive slave act was amended I the compromise of 1850, as well as the slave trade in Washington, D.C.

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was abolished. The boundary dispute between Texas and new Mexico was established as a settling territorial government in New Mexico. Anti-slavery settlers held an election in which pro-slavery settlers refused to vote. On may 30,1854 congress passed the Kansas- Nebraska act. This act served to repeal the Missouri compromise that prohibited slavery. The Kansas- Nebraska act, allowed people to decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery within their borders.

Power in the congress between slave and free states were passed in 1820, admitting Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state. In February 17,1820;the senate agreed to an amendment that prohibited slavery in the Louisiana territory. Although, three years later the Missouri compromise was declared unconstitutional by the supreme court by the Dred Scott decision.As we all know, Dred Scott was an enslaved African American man, who was unlawfully sued for his freedom. The supreme court issued a decision in the Dred Scott case, severely undermining the newly created republican party.

The Dred Scott decision was affirming the right of slave owners to take their slaves into the western territories. The supreme court was stocked in favor of the slave states.United states was basically built on slavery, which led to the parallel connection towards capitalism. Slavery hindered the development of southern capitalism in other ways. Every political group you can think of , has always been linked to slavery and capitalism. The immeasurable estates and immense stores of slaves were about benefits that ventured.After the civil war is when the cotton industry became profitable.

Slavery slowed down the adoption of new techniques and technologies. Slavery also became a profitable business, when slaves were regarded to as chattel not a human being. Slavery was regarded to as capital equipment and utility of slaves themselves conditions spoke to a repulsive financial cost.Economies used slavery as a disadvantage, were inconsistencies that prompted slavery was the inescapable deaths of slaves that affected the economies.

Slavery wasn’t a dying institution, slavery was misused by the south.The three to five driving forces that led to civil war were: Missouri compromise, Dred Scott decision, future slavery, abolitionist movement, and the raid on harper’s ferry. The raid on harpers ferry was lead by armed slaves in a chance to destroy the institution of slavery. Within, the abolitionist movement many steps were taken to end slavery. The chance to spread the word about the abolitionist movement caused conflict and resorted to violence. Future slavery, slowly bought on the civil war because of , state rights, the role of the federal government and the preservation of the union.

The economy was rapidly changing expanding the political upheaval, and the collapse of civil discourse is what lead up to civil war.Within, liberty being challenged, not only did cotton play a big role but, the political views and the federal government played a big part as well.


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