Consumer better within the markets. As a millennial,

Consumer play a vital role in the market and they are also called as intricate customer. Consumer behavior investigate how consumer make decision on what is their needs and desires. It’s difficult to understand and predict consumer behavior on how a potential buyer will react on the company product. In research, psychological, personal and social factor are affecting consumer purchase decision. Microcultures can be defines as a subgroup which share a similar values and belief. Under a compete market, marketers are targeting microculture every day to perform better within the markets.

As a millennial, I have seen a lot of conflict between microculture and consumer behavior. When it’s come to college, we begin a college life with full of laughter and carry on our career life till 65 years old. CITATION 153 l 1033 (2015)I bear this period bring marketers to focus on millennials need. I believe every consumer has a different perception on their purchase decision. Next to introduce garments industry Padini which it is a Malaysian base company headquarters located in Hicom Glenmarie Shah Alam who offers the two men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, subordinate items, kids’ clothing, maternity wear, and extras through different subsidiaries. Padini brands choose to focus on adult and formal attired while Padini authentic selling teenager’s garments which are leading to the stylish. Besides, Padini offers garments style of casual, cheerful and relax.

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Without surprisingly the customer, Padini awarded with the title of the most valuable brand in 2009 in Malaysia. Padini concept store is very success on attracting the low income of millennials which the age between 17-30.Social class describe as a status which brings power and influences to the members. They conduct a research show that have a relation between social and classes. According to authors, show that people from lower class will have different mindset of buying behavior than people in the upper class. CITATION Dac11 l 1033 (Keltner, 2011)Research show that people who originate from lower class foundation need to depends more on others. On the other hand, wealthier people they work independently. This cause some differences in psychologic studies.

People who come from a lower class works graciously. They give more and help others frequently. While wealthier consumers are egotistically because they have money and willingness to buy. Within most society, there are gathering of individuals who vary in some custom, propensity and value from the general society.

These group sometimes called sub-group and others term as microculture. Subsequently the term microculture incorporates distinctive kinds of gatherings that could be ordered by age, class, ethnicity, race, or even occupation. There are several researches show few models can be developed in the consumer behavior. Firstly, the back-box model is base on external stimulus example influences by product sampling promotion and price. Secondly consumer buy product base on their personal-variable factor.

These internal factors may include experience, the product secure and goals. Thirdly complex model which is combine two factors into one. Customer purchase decision base on their own opinion and the promotion on that brand. Low class millennials have similarity on their values, belief, interest, lifestyle, education or even economic position. Information examined by The Guardian finds that record quantities of recent millennials Y recognize as working adults, a downturn of generation X.

According to data obtained from University of Chicago’s 40-year General Social Survey, more than 56.5% of millennials (or Generation Y) identified as working class in 2014, more than any other generation since the survey started collecting data. It’s also the most any generation has identified with that label since 1982, when 56.1% of baby boomers called themselves working class. CITATION LIL16 l 1033 (PETERSEN, 2016). As some research done said that millennials are frequently lazy and self-involved.

They are a generation with enjoying late night TV, frequently stick with the posting selfies to Instagram high end middle class millennials. While there are still some millennials which far from the majority they called as low-class millennials. This low income of millennials are perceive buyer. They are different from middle or high-income Y generation because the high-end millennials purchase somethings which have high values and the values means everything to their life. They somehow call as provenance buyer who can use a ridiculous price to buy a normal product. There’s no doubt millennials growing up in a recession has impact on their purchase habits but that doesn’t every young people are falls at the category middle or high class.

The truth is a twenties young generation who can afford buy a 20 bucks of cloth neither buying 200 bucks of luxury brand garment. Padini Brand using different marketing strategic plan to control the revenue. Padini using segmentation in demographically, geographically and physiologically to target the low income millennials. Firstly demographic strategic use on Padini which Padini classified the products into group base on age, income, occupation and family size. Padini has set up others eight brands to target the different category and finally occupation working wear and casual wear are suit the majority.

This help the company to target these groups of product and enhance the performance of the brand. Next, Padini focus on geographic unit such as states cities and religion. Therefore, there are over hundreds of retails in the whole Malaysia. For instance, Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Pinang. Lastly Padini has also used phycologic strategic by dividing them into groups of social class, cultures and lifestyle.


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