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CONTENT PAGEThe different elements of retail strategyRetail format Page 3Target market Sustainable competitive advantage Relationship with vendors Page 2 Customer Service Customer relationship with management Distribution and Information System SWOT analysis of amazon Go Page 3 Success of Amazon concept in South Africa Page 4 • Retail formatAmazon Go is a cashier-less store, the store has no counter lines or register. The store is situated in Seattle.

Amazon Go offer the prepared to-have sustenance breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks alternatives made new ordinary by their on location culinary specialists and most loved nearby kitchens and bread shops. There’s additionally a little arrangement of lager and wine and assortment of basic supply fundamentals ranges from staples like bread and drain to craftsman cheeses and privately made chocolates. Amazon is intensive on keeping prices low and offering the wide range.Clients utilize the Amazon Go application to go in the store. They pass in the turn lines by scanning a QR code. Whatever the customers pick up is added to their virtual cart and any items that they put back will automatically be removed from their cart.

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After they are done shopping they can walk throughout. Amazon Go account will automatically be charged. Amazon Go uses cameras and high-tech is a convenience store.

• Target marketAmazon Go store target people who have access to the internet and have financial paying tools such as credit card. They target customers who are interested in internet shopping, customers from 18 years old to older people. The price cognizant people who need quality product at a low price.

Both males and females, the working class, middle and upper class.• Sustainable competitive advantageRelationship with vendorsAmazon Go have outstanding vendor relationships that lets them to offer customers reduced pricing. Amazon Go has attained such a huge scale that it gets the prices possible from its merchants. Their distribution centres are close to their store which make it easier for them to communicate with them.

Customer ServiceAmazon Go always rank high on customer satisfaction. Amazon Go believes that a company shouldn’t focus on its competitors. In the event that there is an issue that need a client to chat with a client benefit relate via telephone, they will approach the client’s record and request points of interest, which implies that any issues can be managed rapidly and proficiently. Their customer base is loyalCustomer relationship with managementAmazon have made their own particular CRM programming in-house, which means it is custom fitted to their own particular prerequisites. Their product enables Amazon to catch client information, for example, area and past purchasing, and utilize that to in a flash modify a client’s on location encounter.Amazon’s CRM also deals with most of their shopper enquiries before reaching the phase where human interference is required. For example, every customer can get to their own request history, which enables them to perceive what they have requested, and the amount they paid on it.

Top Ways Amazon use CRM• Facts assemblageAmazon Go motivates all clients to make records to make it simpler for them to make up and coming purchasing. These records likewise give Amazon Go a focused on showcasing strategy as clients can be messaged with offers and advancements in light of their past purchasing.• Individual information stockpilingOne manner by which influencing an Amazon to account benefits the client is solace of procurement. With a record all instalment, individual, and address points of interest can be put away taking into consideration speedy and simple future buys.• EndorsementsEach time clients are signed into their record, Amazon will specify items they might be pulled in light of chronicled buying propensities. These recommendations are perfect for improving sales without the buyer feel worried into purchasing.

Distribution and Information System To make sure that the accurate merchandise is offered at the right time and place, information streams from seamlessly from amazon Go to its vendors to enable fast and well-organized merchandise system and decrease stock outs has empower a cost advantage that its competitors cannot overcome and can be maintained over log periodSWOT scrutiny of amazon GoStrengths• Effective conveyance arrange Amazon has made a profound and organized dissemination system to make the items are accessible at the correct time and place.• Competitive advantage- It has advantage that allows it an almost undefeatable edge over its competitors and any would be challengers- its massive users with credit cards on filesWeakness• Possible loss of jobs-Amazon is a cashier less store which means people will lose jobsOpportunities• In reverse Mix: Amazon can think of its In-house marks in various item classes. They can also differentiate their offering. This will help them make profits in highly competitive E-commerce market.

• Acquisitions: By accomplishing Internet business organizations it can diminish the opposition level and additionally can utilize the particular limit of the other organization.Threat Local competition – neighbourhood online business retailers are taking endlessly greater part of the market. So also, there are numerous nearby players who take nibbles from the piece of the pie in this way making it hard for a major player like Amazon to make benefits.• South Africa is still a developing country , the majority of citizens are uneducated and not exposed into the mobile/online industry and Amazon Go shoppers are required to check out of the with a smartphone, a device that lower income people may not be able to afford therefore it will be useless to South African citizens because there are regular store that doesn’t require them to check out with a smart phone meaning Amazon Go store concept will not make profit.

• Due to high crime rate in South Africa there will be more chances of shoplifting then it causes a loss, the strikes can affect Amazon Go store to lose more profit REFRENCESHolt, D.H.1997.Management Principles and practises.

Sydney: prentice-hall. Murray, S. (2012, April 25).

Leaders faced a set of complex challenge. Retrieved from ABI/ inform global database


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