Contents Printing incorporated book publishing. The report

Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Executive summary PAGEREF _Toc523674946 h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc523674947 h 2Organization Background PAGEREF _Toc523674948 h 2Scope PAGEREF _Toc523674949 h 4Functional and non-functional requirement PAGEREF _Toc523674950 h 4Documentation PAGEREF _Toc523674951 h 5Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc523674952 h 10References PAGEREF _Toc523674953 h 11Executive summaryIn this assignment report, the focus is to discuss the background and history of the Printing Incorporated book publishing, which is located in the Melbourne, Australia.

Currently the business has to face some difficulties in its current system so we are mainly going to perform an business analysis work to focus the business requirements, issues faced by the company, scope for the current system, documentation for the system, etc. The main purpose of creating this report is to provide the system analysis and modeling document to the organization for the issue currently faced by the company. IntroductionThis report is mainly prepared to provide the complete understanding about the system analysis and design evaluation for the problems faced by the Printing incorporated book publishing. The report mainly contains the information about why the system analysis is needed in the organization and how to resolve the company problems. System analysis and design is mainly performed by the system analyst which identify the business requirement to enter the information and the systematic data flow, process the business information, store the information and output the business information in the terms of particular or individual organization or enterprise. In any business, the system analysis and design technique is performed to analyze, design, and implement the improvement for the business.

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The overall report divided into different section like executive summary, introduction, organization background, scope of current system, documentation for the system analysis, appendices, etc. I have read many documents, journals, PDF, blog and website to get required information and knowledge about the system analysis and design to collect the different information used to perform the system analysis work for the Printing incorporated book publisher.Organization BackgroundThe Printing Incorporated Book Publishing is the independent book publisher which is located in the Melbourne, Australia. The company grows itself as an independent online book printing publisher in Australia with its 50 numbers of employees. If we talk about the traditional way of publishing any book, the publisher has to offer a contract to the author, prints, publishes and sell their book through the book sellers and retailers.

After that the publisher buys the legal rights publish their books and pay the income as royalties from the selling of book. In other way a self publishing method is also available for publishing the book before the enhancement of the internet and technologies. In the self publishing book method various publishing models like: print-on-demand, vanity, subsidy and self publishing. According to this publishing model anyone who are willing to pay is published their book. The print one demand is using the printing technology to produce the book at a time at very low cost. The vanity publisher is known as the manufacturer of the book. It publishes the book for the person or entity who pay for the particular services.

As we say that the Printing incorporate book publishing established itself as the individual online book publisher in the Melbourne, Australia. The company offers a business website to the users for publishing the novels, poems and books and earns money. The business website also offers the online purchasing and downloading of books and files from the website so that customers can buy the published book online through the website. The Printing incorporated book publishing also sells their books with different online bookseller’s e-commerce website to increase their sales and business profit.

To publish their own book a users has to submit all the required information in the book publishing form and then upload or create the pages for the books. Although all the system and business process is running good but the organization has to face several difficulties in managing all the required business information and process which not only affects the business customer but also affect the business sales and profit. The problems faced by the business are given below:Mobile compatible and cross browser compatible website: As the mobile technology increases, the users are more prefer to use mobile for their lots of work instead of opening website in the laptop or computers.

Currently, the company don’t have the mobile friendly website for publishing and selling the books so that user are unable to access their website on mobile phone which affects their business.EBooks: Currently the company provide the printed books only for the users and the publishers also has to print their book first and then upload the books file one by one which is too much time taking and also less liked by the new generation customers. The users generally prefer the ebooks content for reading and purchasing so the company also has to provide the ebook version of their printed books for the online readers. Marketing and promotions: The company has to make marketing and promotion of their books on large scale on to different platform to increase the book sales and business growth.Complete e-book publishing process: The company has to provide the complete e-book publishing process, such as: content provider, service platform, reading device, customers, etc.

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1e-book publishing processAs per my researches on the internet source the ebook facilities and marketing and promotion step is most important part of the problems faced by organization. The business has to provide the ebook publishing facilities, because in the current time the users mainly new generations are more prefer to read online so that they are like to download and purchase the e-books for their study and different other types of books. Due to this the business has to provide the e-book facilities to their users to increase the number of customers, sales and business profit. The online marketing and promotion of published books are also very important, because there are lots of books and published day by day but the users only know about the few of themes and using that book only. Due to this the publishers has to promote their books online on different social sites and other bookselling sites so that user can know about the books and purchase them.

It also increases the business sales and purchase.According to the case study present the main business objective is to grow their book publishing business online and make the overall system very easy so that they can run their business operations easily and make more and more profit from selling the e-books, online printing books, etc. Currently all the business information is stored in the separate spreadsheet document to track the business details like downloads of the book, purchasing, sailing commission, royalty, users, etc. so that company has to established a well managed database for their business operations to track the entire business flow and able to efficiently store all the business information in more secure and well defined way. ScopeFunctional and non-functional requirementFunctional RequirementPHP: The PHP is needed to established the connection from the server information and show on the client website as per the client request sent through the browsers.

It is useful to make the system more reliable, dynamic and interactive. MySQL: The MySQL is used to create the database and store all the information of business, books, users, publishers, sells, download, etc. securely and dynamically. The MySQL store all the information individually in different tables and establish a relationship between them which helps to provide the require information to the users.

Server: A server is required to store all the files of books, images, etc. dynamically so the files are remotely available for all the users. Internet: The internet connection is needed to access the business website and servers for technical and not-technical both end.

Printers/scanners: The printers and scanners are required to print and scan the files and store it on server. Content conversion and management software: A content management and conversion software needed to install online on the server so that user can use the software online for content management and conversion.Non-functional RequirementUsability: The system usability should be high so that it gives the better user experience. The business has to make their system mobile and cross browser compatible so that user can use the system in any devices. Reliability: To make the system more reliable the business has to provide all the business information in well and clearly written way through FAQ section or other page so users should know about the procedure of publishing and purchasing the book.Performance: The system performance should be high. It means that the system should be perform faster and show the result quickly so that user don’t have to wait for the processing time, also the system has large backend space so the publisher don’t have to face the space run out issue while uploading the files.

Due to this the system has to store the large number of information. Supportability: The system should support all the browser, operating system and screens.DocumentationTable Attribute DescriptionEmployee table Employee_id This is unique field value which uniquely define all the employee.Employee_name This fields contain the name of the employeeEmployee_sallary This field contain the salary of the employeeEmployee_joiningdate This field contains the joning date of the employeeEmployee_designation This filed contains the designation fo the employee hold.Employee_address This field contains the address of the employee.Author table Author_id This fields uniquely define all the authors.Author_name This field holds the name of the authorAuthor_address This field holds the address of the authorAuthor email This field holds the email of the authorAuthor phone number This field holds the phone number of the author.Book table Bood_id This field uniquely define all the booksBook_name This field contains the name of the booksBook_title This field contains the title of the booksBook_author This field contains the author of the bookBook_writter This field contains the writer of the booksBook_dedicated This field contains the name of the person for which book is writtenBook_theme This field contains the theme of the bookBook_type This field contains the type of the bookSales_table Sales_id This field contains the sale id information.

Sales_amount This field contains the amount of the sale.Sales_bookid This field contains the book id for the saleSales_userid This field contains the user id of salesSales_time This field contains the time at which the sales occurs. Event TableS.NO. Event Trigger Source Use cases Response Destination1 Customer search for the book Book inquiry Customer Look up book for specific author or general List of all books Customer2 Customer buy a book Book search Customer Select book for buy Redirect to the payment and invoice Customer3 Author wants to publish a new book New Book Author Provide detail for the new book Redirect to the file upload for the book Author4 Author wants to publish a e-book New E-book Author Provide details for the book Type content for all the pages for e-book Author5 Employee wants to sales report for date or data range Generate sales report Employee Provide date or date range for which the report generated List of all the sales with complete detail Employee DFD for first eventDFD for second eventDFD for Third eventDFD for fourth eventDFD for fifth eventFigure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2 ERDConclusionThe main purpose of this report is to provide the detail system analysis and design information for the Printing Incorporated printing which is established in the Melbourne, Australia. The report contain all the information in detail like the company background, objective, constraints, purpose, function, work, requirements, problems faced by the company, solution for the company, functional and non-functional requirement of the company system, data dictionary table which contains the database table names, attribute names and information type hold by that attribute.

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